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Henry Alleyne Nicholson
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The following list comprises a few of the more important sources of information as to the Triassic strata and their fossil contents:—­

 (1) ‘Geology of Oxford and the Valley of the Thames.’  Phillips.
 (2) ‘Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland.’
 (3) ‘Report on the Geology of Londonderry,’ &c.  Portlock.
 (4) “On the Zone of Avicula contorta,” &c.—­’Quart.  Journ.  Geol. 
     Soc.,’ vol. xvi., 1860.  Dr Thomas Wright.
 (5) “On the Zones of the Lower Lias and the Avicula contorta
     Zone”—­’Quart.  Journ.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xvii., 1861.  Charles
 (6) “On Abnormal Conditions of Secondary Deposits,” &c.—­’Quart. 
     Journ.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxiii., 1876-77.  Charles Moore.
 (7) ‘Geognostische Beschreibung des Bayerischen Alpengebirges.’ 
 (8) ‘Lethaea Rossica.’  Pander.
 (9) ‘Lethaea Geognostica.’  Bronn.
(10) ‘Petrefacta Germaniae.’  Goldfuss.
(11) ‘Petrefaktenkunde.’  Quenstedt.
(12) ‘Monograph of the Fossil Estheriae’ (Palaeontographical Society). 
     Rupert Jones.
(13) “Fossil Remains of Three Distinct Saurian Animals, recently
     discovered in the Magnesian Conglomerate near Bristol”—­’Trans. 
     Geol.  Soc.,’ ser. 2, vol. v., 1840.  Riley and Stutchbury.
(14) ‘Die Saurier des Muschekalkes.’  Von Meyer. (15) ‘Beitraege zur Palaeontologie Wuerttembergs.’  Von Meyer and
(16) ‘Manual of Palaeontology.’  Owen.
(17) ‘Odontography:’  Owen. (18) ‘Report on Fossil Reptiles’ (British Association, 1841).  Owen. (19) “On Dicynodon”—­’Trans.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. iii., 1845.  Owen. (20) ’Descriptive Catalogue of Fossil Reptilia and Fishes in the
     Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, England.’  Owen.
(21) “On Species of Labyrinthodon from Warwickshire”—­’Trans.  Geol. 
     Soc.,’ ser. 2, vol. vi.  Owen.
(22) “On a Carnivorous Reptile” (Cynodraco major), &c.—­’Quart. 
     Journ.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxxii., 1876.  Owen.
(23) “On Evidences of Theriodonts in Permian Deposits,” &c.—­’Quart. 
     Journ.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxxii., 1876.  Owen.
(24) “On the Stagonolepis Robertsoni,” &c.—­’Quart.  Journ.  Geol. 
     Soc.,’ vol. xv., 1859.  Huxley.
(25) “On a New Specimen of Telerpeton Elginense”—­’Quart.  Journ. 
     Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxiii., 1866.  Huxley.
(26) “On Hyperodapedon”—­’Quart.  Journ.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxv.,
     1869.  Huxley.
(27) “On the Affinities between the Deinosaurian Reptiles and
     Birds”—­’Quart.  Journ.  Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxvi., 1870.  Huxley.
(28) “On the Classification of the Deinosauria,” &c.—­’Quart.  Journ. 
     Geol.  Soc.,’ vol. xxvi., 1870.  Huxley.
(29) “Palaeontologica Indica”—­’Memoirs of the Geol.  Survey of India.’ (30) “On the Geological Position and Geographical Distribution of the

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