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Henry Alleyne Nicholson
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 (1) ‘Geology of Yorkshire,’ vol. ii.; ’The Mountain Limestone
     District.’  John Phillips.
 (2) ‘Siluria.’  Sir Roderick Murchison.
 (3) ‘Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland.’
 (4) ‘Geological Report on Londonderry,’ &c.  Portlock.
 (5) ‘Acadian Geology.’  Dawson.
 (6) ‘Geology of Iowa,’ vol. i.  James Hall.
 (7) ‘Reports of the Geological Survey of Illinois’ (Geology and
     Palaeontology).  Meek, Worthen, &c.
 (8) ‘Reports of the Geological Survey of Ohio’ (Geology and
     Palaeontology).  Newberry, Cope, Meek, Hall, &c.
 (9) ’Description des Animaux fossiles qui se trouvent dans le
     Terrain Carbonifere de la Belgique,’ 1843; with subsequent
     monographs on the genera Productus and Chonetes,
     on Crinoids, on Corals, &c.  De Koninck.
(10) ‘Synopsis of the Carboniferous Fossils of Ireland.’  M’Coy. (11) ‘British Palaeozoic Fossils.’  M’Coy. (12) ‘Figures of Characteristic British Fossils.’  Baily. (13) ‘Catalogue of British Fossils.’  Morris. (14) ‘Monograph of the Carboniferous Brachiopoda of Britain’
     (Palaeontographical Society).  Davidson.
(15) ‘Monograph of the British Carboniferous Corals’
     (Palaeontographical Society).  Milne-Edwards and Haime.
(16) ’Monograph of the Carboniferous Bivalve Entomostraca of
     Britain’ (Palaeontographical Society).  Rupert Jones, Kirkby, and
     George S. Brady.
(17) ‘Monograph of the Carboniferous Foraminifera of Britain’
     (Palaeontographical Society).  H. B. Brady.
(18) “On the Carboniferous Fossils of the West of Scotland”—­’Trans. 
     Geol.  Soc.,’ of Glasgow, vol. iii., Supplement.  Young and
(19) ‘Poissons Fossiles.’  Agassiz.
(20) “Report on the Labyrinthodonts of the Coal-measures”—­’British
     Association Report,’ 1873.  L. C. Miall.
(21) ‘Introduction to the Study of Palaeontological Botany.’  John
     Hutton Balfour.
(22) ‘Traite de Paleontologie Vegetale.’  Schimper.
(23) ‘Fossil Flora.’  Lindley and Hutton.
(24) ‘Histoire des Vegetaux Fossiles.’  Brongniart.
(25) ‘On Calamites and Calamodendron’ (Monographs of the
     Palaeontographical Society).  Binney.
(26) ’On the Structure of Fossil Plants found in the Carboniferous
     Strata’ (Palaeontographical Society).  Binney.

Also numerous memoirs by Huxley, Davidson, Martin Duncan, Professor Young, John Young, R. Etheridge, jun., Baily, Carruthers, Dawson, Binney, Williamson, Hooker, Jukes, Geikie, Rupert Jones, Salter, and many other British and foreign observers.



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