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Henry Alleyne Nicholson
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The Cretaceous period—­General succession and subdivisions of the Cretaceous rocks in Britain—­Cretaceous rocks of North America—­Life of the period—­Plants—­Protozoa—­Corals—­Echinoderms—­ Crustaceans—­Polyzoa—­Brachiopods—­Bivalves—­Univalves—­ Tetrabranchiate and Dibranchiate Cephalopods—­Fishes—­Reptiles—­ Birds—­Literature.


The Eocene period—­Relations between the Kainozoic and Mesozoic rocks in Europe and in North America—­Classification of the Tertiary deposits—­The sequence and subdivisions of the Eocene rocks of Britain and France—­Eocene strata of the United States—­Life of the period—­Plants—­Foraminifera—­
Corals—­Echinoderms—­Mollusca—­Fishes—­ Reptiles—­Birds—­Mammals.


The Miocene period—­Miocene strata of Britain—­Of France—­Of Belgium—­Of Austria—­Of Switzerland—­Of Germany—­Of Greece—­Of India—­Of North America—­Of the Arctic regions—­Life of the period—­Vegetation of the Miocene period—­Foraminifera—­Corals—­ Echinoderms—­Articulates—­Mollusca&mdash
;­Fishes-Amphibians—­Reptiles—­ Mammals.


The Pliocene period—­Pliocene deposits of Britain—­Of Europe—­Of North America—­Life of the period—­Climate of the period as indicated by the Invertebrate animals—­The Pliocene Mammalia—­Literature relating to the Tertiary deposits and their fossils.


The Post-Pliocene period—­Division of the Quaternary deposits into Post-Pliocene and Recent—­Relations of the Post-Pliocene deposits of the northern hemisphere to the “Glacial period”—­Pre-Glacial deposits—­Glacial deposits—­Arctic Mollusca in Glacial beds—­Post-Glacial deposits—­Nature and mode of formation of high-level and low-level gravels—­Nature and mode of formation of cavern-deposits—­Kent’s Cavern-Post—­Pliocene deposits of the southern hemisphere.


Life of the Post-Pliocene period—­Effect of the coming on and departure of the Glacial period upon the animals inhabiting the northern hemisphere—­Birds of the Post-Pliocene—­Mammalia of the Post-Pliocene—­Climate of the Post-Glacial period as deduced from the Post-Glacial Mammals—­Occurrence of the bones and implements of Man in Post-Pliocene deposits in association with the remains of extinct Mammalia—­Literature relating to the Post-Pliocene period.


The succession of life upon the globe—­Gradual and successive introduction of life-forms—­What is meant by “lower” and “higher” groups of animals and plants—­Succession in time of the great groups of animals in the main corresponding with their zoological order—­Identical phenomena in the vegetable kingdom—­Persistent types of life—­High organisation of many early forms—­Bearings of Palaeontology on the general doctrine of Evolution.

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