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In conclusion we would again remind you that according to the Principle of Correspondence, which embodies the truth:  “As Above so Below; as Below, so Above,” all of the Seven Hermetic Principles are in full operation on all of the many planes, Physical Mental and Spiritual.  The Principle of Mental Substance of course applies to all the planes, for all are held in the Mind of the all.  The Principle of Correspondence manifests in all, for there is a correspondence, harmony and agreement between the several planes.  The Principle of Vibration manifests on all planes, in fact the very differences that go to make the “planes” arise from Vibration, as we have explained.  The Principle of Polarity manifests on each plane, the extremes of the Poles being apparently opposite and contradictory.  The Principle of Rhythm manifests on each Plane, the movement of the phenomena having its ebb and flow, rise and flow, incoming and outgoing.  The Principle of Cause and Effect manifests on each Plane, every Effect having its Cause and every Cause having its effect.  The Principle of Gender manifests on each Plane, the Creative Energy being always manifest, and operating along the lines of its Masculine and Feminine Aspects.

“As Above so Below; as Below, so Above.”  This centuries old Hermetic axiom embodies one of the great Principles of Universal Phenomena.  As we proceed with our consideration of the remaining Principles, we will see even more clearly the truth of the universal nature of this great Principle of Correspondence.



    “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything
    vibrates.”—­The Kybalion.

The great Third Hermetic Principle—­the Principle of Vibration—­embodies the truth that Motion is manifest in everything in the Universe—­that nothing is at rest—­that everything moves, vibrates, and circles.  This Hermetic Principle was recognized by some of the early Greek philosophers who embodied it in their systems.  But, then, for centuries it was lost sight of by the thinkers outside of the Hermetic ranks.  But in the Nineteenth Century physical science re-discovered the truth and the Twentieth Century scientific discoveries have added additional proof of the correctness and truth of this centuries-old Hermetic doctrine.

The Hermetic Teachings are that not only is everything in constant movement and vibration, but that the “differences” between the various manifestations of the universal power are due entirely to the varying rate and mode of vibrations.  Not only this, but that even the all, in itself, manifests a constant vibration of such an infinite degree of intensity and rapid motion that it may be practically considered as at rest, the teachers directing the attention of the students to the fact that even on the physical plane a rapidly moving object (such as a revolving wheel) seems to be at rest.  The Teachings are to the effect that Spirit is at one end of the Pole of Vibration, the other Pole being certain extremely gross forms of Matter.  Between these two poles are millions upon millions of different rates and modes of vibration.

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