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to say that “The all acts because it acts.”  At the last, the all is All Reason in Itself; All Law in Itself; All Action in Itself—­and it may be said, truthfully, that the all is Its Own Reason; its own Law; its own Act—­or still further, that the all; Its Reason; Its Act; is Law; are one, all being names for the same thing.  In the opinion of those who are giving you these present lessons, the answer is locked up in the inner self of the all, along with its Secret of Being.  The Law of Correspondence, in our opinion, reaches only to that aspect of the all, which may be spoken of as “The Aspect of becoming.”  Back of that Aspect is “The Aspect of being” in which all Laws are lost in law; all Principles merge into principle—­and the all; principle; and being; are identical, one and the same.  Therefore, Metaphysical speculation on this point is futile.  We go into the matter here, merely to show that we recognize the question, and also the absurdity of the ordinary answers of metaphysics and theology.

In conclusion, it may be of interest to our students to learn that while some of the ancient, and modern, Hermetic Teachers have rather inclined in the direction of applying the Principle of Correspondence to the question, with the result of the “Inner Nature” conclusion,—­still the legends have it that Hermes, the Great, when asked this question by his advanced students, answered them by pressing his lips tightly together and saying not a word, indicating that there was no answer.  But, then, he may have intended to apply the axiom of his philosophy, that:  “The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding,” believing that even his advanced students did not possess the Understanding which entitled them to the Teaching.  At any rate, if Hermes possessed the Secret, he failed to impart it, and so far as the world is concerned the lips of Hermes are closed regarding it.  And where the Great Hermes hesitated to speak, what mortal may dare to teach?

But, remember, that whatever be the answer to this problem, if indeed there be an answer the truth remains that:  “While All is in the all, it is equally true that the all is in All.”  The Teaching on this point is emphatic.  And, we may add the concluding words of the quotation:  “To him who truly understands this truth, hath come great knowledge.”



    “As above, so below; as below, so above.”—­The Kybalion.

The great Second Hermetic Principle embodies the truth that there is a harmony, agreement, and correspondence between the several planes of Manifestation, Life and Being.  This truth is a truth because all that is included in the Universe emanates from the same source, and the same laws, principles, and characteristics apply to each unit, or combination of units, of activity, as each manifests its own phenomena upon its own plane.

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