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“Oh, I want to hug you!” And he did it.  Then he got his notes and sat down and began to check off, for first purchase, the luxuries which he should earliest wish to secure.  “Horse—­buggy
—­cutter—­lap-robe—­patent-leathers—­dog—­plug-hat —­church-pew—­stem-winder—­new teeth—­say, Aleck!”


“Ciphering away, aren’t you?  That’s right.  Have you got the twenty thousand invested yet?”

“No, there’s no hurry about that; I must look around first, and think.”

“But you are ciphering; what’s it about?”

“Why, I have to find work for the thirty thousand that comes out of the coal, haven’t I?”

“Scott, what a head!  I never thought of that.  How are you getting along?  Where have you arrived?”

“Not very far—­two years or three.  I’ve turned it over twice; once in oil and once in wheat.”

“Why, Aleck, it’s splendid!  How does it aggregate?”

“I think—­well, to be on the safe side, about a hundred and eighty thousand clear, though it will probably be more.”

“My! isn’t it wonderful?  By gracious! luck has come our way at last, after all the hard sledding, Aleck!”


“I’m going to cash in a whole three hundred on the missionaries —­what real right have we care for expenses!”

“You couldn’t do a nobler thing, dear; and it’s just like your generous nature, you unselfish boy.”

The praise made Sally poignantly happy, but he was fair and just enough to say it was rightfully due to Aleck rather than to himself, since but for her he should never have had the money.

Then they went up to bed, and in their delirium of bliss they forgot and left the candle burning in the parlor.  They did not remember until they were undressed; then Sally was for letting it burn; he said they could afford it, if it was a thousand.  But Aleck went down and put it out.

A good job, too; for on her way back she hit on a scheme that would turn the hundred and eighty thousand into half a million before it had had time to get cold.


The little newspaper which Aleck had subscribed for was a Thursday sheet; it would make the trip of five hundred miles from Tilbury’s village and arrive on Saturday.  Tilbury’s letter had started on Friday, more than a day too late for the benefactor to die and get into that week’s issue, but in plenty of time to make connection for the next output.  Thus the Fosters had to wait almost a complete week to find out whether anything of a satisfactory nature had happened to him or not.  It was a long, long week, and the strain was a heavy one.  The pair could hardly have borne it if their minds had not had the relief of wholesome diversion.  We have seen that they had that.  The woman was piling up fortunes right along, the man was spending them —­spending all his wife would give him a chance at, at any rate.

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