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Lawrence Gilman
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Two Choruses (Male Voices) 53
  Bonnie Ann
  The Collier Lassie

Two Choruses (Male Voices) 54
  A Ballad of Charles the Bold
  Midsummer Clouds

Two College Songs (Female Voices) none
  Alma Mater
  At Parting

Two Northern Part-songs (Mixed Chorus) 43
  The Brook
  Slumber Song

Two Part-songs (Male Chorus) 41
  Cradle Song
  Dance of the Gnomes
Two Songs from the Thirteenth Century (Male Chorus) none
  Winter Wraps his Grimmest Spell
  As the Gloaming Shadows Creep

Published under the Pseudonym of Edgar Thorn none
  The Witch
  War Song
  The Rose and the Gardener
  Love and Time


Air and Rigaudon 49
Amourette none
Etude de Concert, in F sharp 36

Fireside Tales 61
  An Old Love Story
  Of Br’er Rabbit
  From a German Forest
  Of Salamanders
  A Haunted House
  By Smouldering Embers

First Concerto, in A minor (With Orchestra) 15

First Modern Suite 10
  Andantino and Allegretto

First Sonata, Tragica 45

Forest Idyls 19
  Forest Stillness
  Play of the Nymphs
  Dance of the Dryads

Forgotten Fairy Tales (Published under the
  Pseudonym of Edgar Thorn
) none
  Sung Outside the Prince’s Door
  Of a Tailor and a Bear
  Beauty in the Rose Garden
  From Dwarf-land

Four Little Poems, 32
  The Eagle
  The Brook

Four Pieces, 24
  Cradle Song

Fourth Sonata, Keltic, 59

From the Eighteenth Century (Transcriptions for Pianoforte of Harpsichord and Clavichord pieces), none

In Lilting Rhythm (Two Pieces) (Published
under the Pseudonym of Edgar Thorn)
, none

Les Orientales, 37
  Clair de Lune
  Dans le Hamac
  Danse Andalouse

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