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3. Summer Song (Not fast). This is characteristic of MacDowell in its clear-sounding harmonies, and has a certain charm and fragrance of its own.

4. Across Fields (Lightly and joyously). This piece opens with a happy and characteristic tune.  The whole atmosphere suggested in its two pages is singularly bright, sunny and fresh.

5. Bluette (Gracefully). This is the most MacDowell-like piece of the Six Fancies, some of its rich harmonies and characteristic key transitions being reminiscent of the composer’s finer work.

6. An Elfin Round (Very swift and light). The full effect of this piece can only be felt if it is played at a great speed, with extreme lightness of touch.  The feeling is not very deep, as the occasion does not demand it, but it is a fanciful and suggestive little creation.


(Published under the Pseudonym of Edgar Thorn.)

  The Witch.

  War Song.

  The Rose and the Gardener.

  Love and Time.

All Published by Arthur P. Schmidt.

These part-songs are extremely interesting and effective, particularly in the MacDowell-like manner in which they convey musical suggestions of their literary content.


The works of MacDowell are reviewed in this book in order of opus number, and the following index will enable the reader to find the account of any piece of which he knows the title, but not the number.  Works without opus numbers are dealt with after those having one.



First Symphonic Poem, Hamlet and Ophelia, 22

Second Symphonic Poem, Lancelot and Elaine, 25

Third Symphonic Poem, Lamia, 29

First Suite, in A minor, 42
  In a Haunted Forest
  Summer Idyl
  In October
  The Song of the Shepherdess
  Forest Spirits

Second Suite, Indian 48
  In War Time.
  Village Festival

Two Fragments, The Saracens and the Lovely Alda 30


Barcarolle (Mixed chorus and Piano duet) 44

Summer Wind (Female Voices) none

Three Choruses (Male Voices) 52
  Hush, hush!
  A Voice from the Sea
  The Crusaders

Three Part-songs (Male Chorus) 27
  In the Starry Sky Above Us
  The Fisherboy

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