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Published by Arthur P. Schmidt.


  1. Courante (Rameau).

  2. Sarabande (Rameau).

  3. Tempo di Minuetto (Grazioli).

  4. Le Bavolet Flottant (The Waving Scarf)(Couperin).

  5. Gigue (Mattheson).

  6. Sarabande (Loeilly).


  7. Gigue (Loeilly).

  8. La Bersan (Couperin).

  9. L’Ausonienne (Couperin).

 10. Aria from Handel’sSusanna” (Lavignac).

 11. Gigue (Graun).

These pieces were much used by MacDowell in his lessons, as illustrations of eighteenth century music, and were published in two books about a dozen years after his death.  They have not met with unanimous approval, for his transcriptions of the old pieces for the harpsichord and clavichord, in a manner suited to the modern pianoforte, is considered by many purists to be too free.  The fact is that in their original form they are quite unsuitable for the modern pianoforte, being far too slight.  MacDowell has, for many of us, done the right thing by filling in their implied harmonies and otherwise bringing out their qualities, so that they may be done justice under present-day keyboard conditions.


First Published, 1897 (Arthur P. Schmidt).

 1. Winter Wraps his Grimmest Spell.

 2. As the Gloaming Shadows Creep.

These are two effective male-voice choruses.  The first number being a setting of MacDowell’s lines after Nithart, and the second of verses by the composer, inspired by Frauenlob.  These latter beautiful lines were also used in number four of the Four Songs, Op. 56.

MacDowell composed three part-songs for Female-Voice Choir.  They have no opus numbers and are entitled:—­

Summer Wind. Two College Songs: 

  1.  Alma Mater.

  2.  At Parting_.

They are well written and effective, the College Songs being particularly interesting, while Summer Wind has one of the composer’s beloved nature subjects as its inspiration.  Published by Arthur P. Schmidt.

In addition to the Six Little Sketches on pieces by Bach, and the pieces contained in the albums entitled From the Eighteenth Century, MacDowell also revised and edited for the pianoforte the following compositions:—­

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