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  Great Newton’s self, to whom the world’s in debt,
  Owed to School-Mistress sage his Alphabet;
  But quickly wiser than his Teacher grown,
  Discover’d properties to her unknown;
  Of A plus B, or minus, learn’d the use,
  Known Quantities from unknown to educe;
  And made—­no doubt to that old dame’s surprise—­
  The Christ-Cross-Row his ladder to the skies. 
  Yet, whatsoe’er Geometricians say,
  Her lessons were his true PRINCIPIA!

* * * * *



  The frugal snail, with fore-cast of repose,
  Carries his house with him, where’er he goes;
  Peeps out—­and if there comes a shower of rain,
  Retreats to his small domicile amain. 
  Touch but a tip of him, a horn—­’tis well—­
  He curls up in his sanctuary shell. 
  He’s his own landlord, his own tenant; stay
  Long as he will, he dreads no Quarter Day. 
  Himself he boards and lodges; both invites,
  And feasts, himself; sleeps with himself o’ nights. 
  He spares the upholsterer trouble to procure
  Chattels; himself is his own furniture,
  And his sole riches.  Wheresoe’er he roam—­
  Knock when you will—­he’s sure to be at home.

* * * * *



[Footnote 1:  Benjamin Ferrers—­Died A. D. 1732.]

  And hath thy blameless life become
  A prey to the devouring tomb? 
  A more mute silence hast thou known,
  A deafness deeper than thine own,
  While Time was? and no friendly Muse,
  That mark’d thy life, and knows thy dues,
  Repair with quickening verse the breach. 
  And write thee into light and speech? 
  The Power, that made the Tongue, restrain’d
  Thy lips from lies, and speeches feign’d;
  Who made the Hearing, without wrong
  Did rescue thine from Siren’s song. 
  He let thee see the ways of men,
  Which thou with pencil, not with pen,
  Careful Beholder, down didst note,
  And all their motley actions quote,
  Thyself unstain’d the while.  From look
  Or gesture reading, more than book,
  In letter’d pride thou took’st no part,
  Contented with the Silent Art,
  Thyself as silent.  Might I be
  As speechless, deaf, and good, as He!

* * * * *



  Nigh London’s famous Bridge, a Gate more famed
  Stands, or once stood, from old Belinus named,
  So judged Antiquity; and therein wrongs
  A name, allusive strictly to two Tongues[1]
  Her School hard by the Goddess Rhetoric opes,
  And gratis deals to Oyster-wives her Tropes. 
  With Nereid green, green Nereid disputes,

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