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The second employee, as soon as she arrived at 11 A.M., went through the house and finished any work that was not completed by the first employee.  She worked without stopping until 3 P.M., then went away for her lunch; she returned at 4 P.M. to relieve the first employee whose work was over at four o’clock.  The second employee remained on duty until 8 P.M.; she cooked and served dinner so quickly and efficiently that the housewife who had always been accustomed to have two employees, a “cook” and a “waitress,” on duty for dinner every night, found to her great surprise that one efficient household employee, working on schedule time, accomplished in the same time the work of two of her former “servants.”


In this schedule the housewife wanted both her employees to help her with her two children.  With this end in view, she made all the work of the house interchange with the care of the children; in consequence when one employee was off duty, the other could always be relied on to help with the children.  This proved to be a very successful schedule, for it relieved the mother from being obliged to sit in the nursery as she was compelled to do every time her former “nurse” went downstairs to her meals, or had her “afternoon off.”  But when the mother wished to be with her children, and that was very often, the employee who was in the nursery at the time, left the room immediately to attend to other household duties.

Both employees were on duty at 7 A.M., a most necessary arrangement where there are small children in a family.  The first employee prepared and served breakfast for the family, while the other employee took full charge of the children, giving them their breakfast in the nursery, and taking them out afterwards for a walk.  At 10 A.M., she returned with the children, and she was then off duty for two hours.  The mother generally chose this time to be with her children; if however, she had any other engagement, the first employee was on duty until noon and could be called upon to look after them.

First Employee

From 7 A.M. to 12 M. 5 hours
From 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. 3 hours
8 hours

Second Employee

From 7 A.M. to 10 A.M. 3 hours
From 12 M. to 5 P.M. 5 hours
8 hours


There are many families who may object to all the preceding schedules on account of the early hour in the evening for household employees to be off duty.  When the housewife has never had her housework done on schedule time by an efficient employee, she may well think it impossible to have the dinner dishes washed up and everything put away in order by 8 P.M.  However some families do not begin dinner before half past seven, or eight o’clock, or even later, but in these families, it is not unusual for the breakfast hour to be very late also.  In consequence nothing is easier than to make a schedule for the day’s work begin late and end late, without making any other alteration in it.

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