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And up and up they sailed.  And the sun dipped down in the sea, and its light went out, and the stars came out and began to peep through the sky like little fire-flies, and the moon came up, too, to see what was going on, and it grew bigger and bigger till it was nearly as big as the old Earth.

And then they came to the Moon and could see little people running around the edge waving their hands excitedly, and they were all dressed in silver clothing, and when Kernel Cob and Sweetclover were landed the Moonpeople ran to them and wondered.

And everything about them was silver.  Churches and houses and rocks and rivers and trees and everything.

And the Moonpeople ran ahead in great confusion to show them the way.

And Kernel Cob formed them into line and put himself at the head of the column, as a general does, and they marched in step and everything until they came to the Palace of the King, which was of silver with turrets and spires of diamonds, and glittered so you could scarcely see.

And the King and the Queen were sitting on thrones, and when the King saw how Kernel Cob had formed his people in order, he was greatly pleased and said to himself, “Here is a fine General.  I will put him at the head of all my armies.”

And Kernel Cobb and Sweetclover were invited to a great banquet, as splendid as ever you could imagine.

And when they were seated, Sweetclover saw some flowers on the banquet table which were very beautiful, white with silver calyx, and they were called Silverfloss, and Sweetclover whispered to Silverfloss: 

“Do you understand Earth talk?”

“Ting-a-ling,” answered Silverfloss, and it sounded like the tinkling of a little silver bell.

“What did she say?” asked Kernel Cob.

“It must be Moonflower talk,” said Sweetclover, and she looked about and saw some Edelweiss and she was very glad and said:  “Edelweiss, Edelweiss, how came you here?”

Now you must know the Edelweiss is a little white flower that grows away up in the snow of the mountains of Switzerland.

“One night I was blown up here in a great snow storm and I’ve been here ever since,” said Edelweiss.

“Can you speak Moonflower talk?” asked Sweetclover.

“Yes,” said Edelweiss.

“Very well,” said Kernel Cob, “we are trying to find Jackie and Peggs’ motheranfather and we came all the way from the Earth on a parasol to do so.  Maybe you can help us.”

“I would if I could,” replied Edelweiss.  “But I am afraid they are not here.  I’ve been here over four seasons and I’ve never seen a human being, and even if they were here they couldn’t live here because it’s too cold.”

“You bet it is,” said Kernel Cob, and he shivered till the medals on his coat rattled.

“Maybe they could be here in some other part of the Moon!” said Sweetclover.  “Would you mind looking?”

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