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“What are all these lights for?” said Kernel Cob.

“Those aren’t lights,” said the Cub, “those are eyes.”

“Who’s eyes?” asked Sweetclover.

“Wolves’ eyes,” said the Cub.

“Stand back inside of the hole,” said Kernel Cob, and he drew his sword and stepped outside.

On came the wolves, yelping and growling and showing their great yellow teeth.

And one by one as they came up to devour our little friends, Kernel
Cob’s sword flashed, and with each stroke down came a wolf.

And when the last one had been slain Kernel Cob wiped his sword upon his coat and went inside.

“Well,” said Wak Wak, “I’m glad I’m not a wolf.  That’s the greatest fight I have ever seen.”

But Kernel Cob put his sword away and lay down to finish his sleep as if nothing had happened.

In the morning when they got up they went outside and counted the wolves and they numbered two thousand, three hundred and twenty-one.

But Kernel Cob turned his head away, for brave people are always modest and cannot bear to hear themselves praised.

Later in the day Wak Wak took them to a friend of his, a pack-dog that he knew.  A fine chap he was, and when he had heard our little friends’ story, he was very willing to help them.

“If you can rig up a sled I’ll take you to the North Pole, and very gladly.”

“Why can’t we sit on your back?” asked Jackie Tar.

“I can’t bear to have anything on my back,” answered Speed, for that was his name.

“I guess I can take care of the sled,” said Jackie Tar, “if I can find some scraps of wood.”

“There are some staves of an old barrel not far from here,” said Speed, “and if you will come with me, you can see for yourselves if they will do.”

So they went with him, and Jackie Tar found them very good indeed, and in a short while had tied them together.

So they hopped on, sitting one behind the other, Sweetclover in the middle, and waving good-bye to Wak Wak, they soon were gliding over the ice at a great clip.



Over the ice they went like lightning, drawn by the pack-dog, Speed.

“I don’t know of any name that would be better for him,” said Sweetclover.

“He goes as swiftly as the Condor did, do you remember?”

Kernel Cob did remember, but he didn’t want Sweetclover to think any more about the past for, thought he:  “If she remembers the Condor she will remember the Villain, and the first thing you know we will be swimming in her tears and I can’t stand crying.  It makes me very angry.”

So he drew her attention to the scenery, although there was precious little of that, only ice.

“I wonder where we are,” said Jackie Tar, and he looked at his compass.  “Whoa,” he cried excitedly, and Speed came to a stop and sat down on the ice.

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