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So he asked them to climb upon his back and he trotted off, and pretty soon they came to a spot where Jackie Tar’s head was sticking up out of the snow.  In a jiffy they had him out and sitting on the Dog’s back.

“Hurrah!” shouted the Villain, “now for Kernel Cob.”

In less than a minute they came to a little mound of snow.

So the Dog trotted up to it, and round on the other side they discovered an opening like a door, and inside lay Kernel Cob asleep, snoring away like anything.

So they wakened him and he was glad to see them, you may be sure.

And he climbed upon the Dog’s back and all four rode off.

“Where are you going?” he asked them.

“We were on our way to the North Pole when our pigeons died,” explained Jackie Tar.

“I’d like to take you there, if I could,” said the Dog, “but I can’t leave my work here.  But I’ll take you to the foot of the mountains, and there I’ll have you meet a friend of mine who will take you to a ship going to the North Pole.”

“Thank you very much,” said Sweetclover.  “We shall never be able to pay you for your kindness.”

“Thank you, Miss,” said the Dog.  “I’m sure it will make me very happy to know that I helped you.”

And when they arrived at the foot of the mountain he introduced them to his friend, a French poodle named Pierre, and when it was come time to say good-bye, he gave them each his paw and the last they saw of him was his bushy tail wagging behind him, as he trotted up the snowy mountain where he did so much good.


        I love dogs best of all God’s creatures,
        They have such noble, honest features,
        You never really have to scold ’em
        Because they do just what you’ve told ’em.

        And even dogs that have no beauty
        Are always quick to do their duty,
        For they are faithful friends, and true,
        And gladly give their lives for you.



“Well,” said their new friend Pierre, “That was a bad storm.”

“We would have been lost in the snow, if it had not been for your good friend Saint Bernard,” said Sweetclover.

And Pierre took them to a seaport and put them on a sailing vessel which is called a whaler.

“I have heard that this ship makes many voyages to the North,” said Pierre, “And I’m sure that it will take you where you want to go.”

“You are very kind,” said Sweetclover, “and we shall always remember how good you have been to us.”

“It is a pleasure to be of service to you,” said Pierre.

And they said good-bye to him and went aboard the whaler.

The next morning the vessel set sail amid great cheering from a crowd which had gathered on the dock, and for days they sailed and sailed, and it got colder and colder till the vessel came to great fields of ice.

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