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You will see.



And one day, when Jackie and Peggs were playing in the garden with Kernel Cob and Sweetclover, the sun was very hot, so Peggs ran and got a parasol and put it over the dolls so they wouldn’t wilt.

“I’d like Kernel Cob to be a great general,” said Jackie as he put up the parasol, “and fight in all the wars of the world and lead his soldiers with a sword in his hand and get wounded and all that.  Not very much wounded, though.  Or I’d like to have him be an Admiral and sail all around the world.  What do you think of that?”

“That’s good,” said Peggs.

“You bet,” said Jackie.  And he stood on his tippy toes to look bigger.

“And I’d like Sweetclover to be a mother,” says Peggs, “and have hundreds and hundreds of children so she could give them all the dolls that ever they wanted.”

“That would be noble,” said Jackie.

“It’s terrible for children to have no father or mother isn’t it?” asked Peggs looking far off at nothing in the sky.

“Yes,” said Jackie.

“I would rather have a mother and father than everything else in the world,” says Peggs.

“Better’n little Sweetclover?” asked Jackie.

“Yes,” answered Peggs, “for I could make another doll, but you can only have one mother and one father.”

“Maybe you’re right,” said Jackie, “but I love Kernel Cob very much, just the same.”

“Of course!” says Peggs.

Now, all of this was heard by Kernel Cob and Sweetclover, for all flowers and vegetables understand the language of people, but people do not understand the language of flowers and vegetables; and when Kernel Cob and Sweetclover talked, Jackie and Peggs couldn’t hear them because flowers whisper very softly, and even if the children could hear them they couldn’t understand them, you see, because it’s a different kind of language and they never had heard it.

Sometimes, if you are a child, and sit in the garden when the wind is blowing, and listen, you may hear a kind of whispering among the flowers.  And if you look very closely, you will see them sway toward each other and smile and nod their heads.  Well, that is when they whisper in each other’s ears just as if they were children.

And all vegetables are like that too, only the corn has a louder voice, because the wind loves to blow through its ears and make it wave so it looks like a great green ocean.

“Did we have a mother and father?” asked Peggs.

“Of course!” answered Jackie, “Everybody has to have a mother and a father, except orphans.”

“Are we orphans?” asked Peggs.

“I guess we must be,” said Jackie, “I heard Auntie tell somebody, the other day, that both our parents were lost.”

Just then the wind blew Sweetclover toward Kernel Cob, and, if you’d been there, you could have heard a whispering sound, and, if you’d been a flower, you would have heard Sweetclover say to Kernel Cob: 

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