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But at that moment the Fairies must have heard Sweetclover’s prayer, for I am sure she must have uttered one when her beloved Kernel Cob was so near to being cut apart.

The door opened, and in walked a man, a woman, and a little girl.  And they were Americans, too, for the first thing Sweetclover heard was the little girl saying: 

“Mother dear, I do so want a dollie.”

“Dorothy wants a doll, John,” said the little girl’s mother.

“Very well,” said John, and turning to the Toy-maker said: 

“You sell doll?”

“Me sell him very plenty doll,” answered the Toy-maker.

“How much for this one?” asked the man, picking up a little Japanese doll.

But the little girl had seen Kernel Cob in the Toy-maker’s hand, and clapping her hands joyfully said: 

“Oh, Dad, may I have this one?  I think he’s so cunning.”

“How much?” asked Dorothy’s father.

“Him cost two yen.”

“Let’s see, that’s one dollar.”

“All right,” and he took Kernel Cob, and gave the money to the Toy-maker.

Now you may be sure that Sweetclover’s heart fell, when she heard this, and thought of being separated from Kernel Cob, and I am quite sure that she prayed very hard to the Fairies; for at that moment the little Japanese girl dropped her, and this caused Dorothy to see what had fallen, and, when she saw Sweetclover, she ran and picked her up.

“Oh!” she cried with pleasure.  “Isn’t she lovely.  May I have her too?”

“Why, I suppose so,” said her father.  “If she doesn’t cost too much.”


“Him allee same cost like soldier doll,” explained the Toy-maker.

“Very well,” said Dorothy’s father, “we’ll take him too,” and he gave the Toy-maker the money.

Sweetclover’s heart was beating high with happiness; but suddenly there came into her mind the thought of leaving the Villain; her good, thoughtful friend, who had so often consoled her in her troubles, and her heart fell again.  Oh, if she could only talk to little Dorothy and beg her to take the Villain and Jackie Tar; but this she could not do so she prayed to the Fairies instead and at once her prayer was heard; for the Toy-maker, who had a very good business head on his shoulders, ran to the door as Dorothy and her parents were going out and called to them: 

“Little girl want nice Pirate and Sailor feller?  Allee same price like other doll.”

And Dorothy’s father, being a very kind father indeed, and just the right kind of father for every little girl to have, bought them and Dorothy went down the road with the four dolls under her arms.

And you may be sure that Sweetclover was happy, for they had not only escaped being ripped apart, but were all together, safe and sound.

And Dorothy and her parents went to their hotel in the city, and Dorothy played with her new dolls till her mother came to her and said: 

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