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“It’s a whale!” said Sweetclover.

“Who cares,” said he, and drew his sword.

And the turtle, for it was a turtle and not a whale at all, came towards them and it was very large, nearly as big around as an acre.  And when it got very near to the boat, its head came up out of its shell and the little shoe boat shook with the waves it made.

And the turtle was just about to snap the boat in its mouth when Kernel Cob swung his sword and with one mighty stroke cut off its head.

“Ha, ha!” cried Kernel Cob, but, receiving no reply from Sweetclover, he looked about and found she had fainted.

He found also that the boat was leaking badly from a crack in the side made, no doubt, by the turtle.

Quickly, he lifted Sweetclover and carried her aboard the back of the turtle and laid her gently down, for the shoe was sinking and he was no sooner out of it than it turned over on its side.

“Not a minute too soon,” muttered Kernel Cob, “and now to revive Sweetclover.”  This he soon did and she opened her eyes and looked about in wonder.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“On the old turtle’s back,” laughed Kernel Cob.

“But we shall never get anywhere now, for we have no sail,” said Sweetclover.  And she began to cry.

“Crying never did anybody any good,” said Kernel Cob, “I wish you would stop.”

“I can’t help it,” said Sweetclover, “I’m miserable.”

“What’s all this about?” said a strange voice, and looking about quickly, they saw a sea-horse riding up to them.

“I am very glad to see you,” said Kernel Cob.

“You’re just in time to give us a lift on our journey.”

“With pleasure,” whinnied the sea-horse.  “And where might you be going?”

“To find Jackie and Peggs’ motheranfather,” said Sweetclover.

“Well, leap on my back,” said the Horse, “and I’ll see that you get there if it’s in the water.”

So Kernel Cob got astride the horse and helped Sweetclover to mount behind him.

“Where are we?” asked Kernel Cob.

“Cuba is right over there,” said the sea-horse pointing with his ear.

“Well, let’s see if they are there, if you please,” said Sweetclover.

“Aye, aye, Miss,” he said, and trotted away as nearly like a real horse as he could.

They had gone along for a couple of hours without mishap when a storm came up.  At first the sea-horse paid no attention to the storm, but one great big clap of thunder rang out and a flash of lightning struck so close it startled him.

With a great leap, he started forward, his eyes bulging from his head, and, with a stream of foam flung out from his mouth, he turned and raced through the water at a terrific rate, Kernel Cob and Sweetclover clinging to him with all their strength.

“He’s a runaway,” shouted Kernel Cob and, sure enough, the horse was mad and nothing could stop him.  On and on they raced, but everything must come to an end and along about the afternoon, they saw land in the distance.

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