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In its general aspect his later music is not German, or French, or Italian—­its spiritual antecedents are Northern, both Celtic and Scandinavian.  MacDowell had not the Promethean imagination, the magniloquent passion, that are Strauss’s; his art is far less elaborate and subtle than that of such typical moderns as Debussy and d’Indy.  But it has an order of beauty that is not theirs, an order of eloquence that is not theirs, a kind of poetry whose secrets they do not know; and there speaks through it and out of it an individuality that is persuasive, lovable, unique.

There is no need to attempt, at this juncture, to speculate concerning his place among the company of the greater dead; it is enough to avow the conviction that he possessed genius of a rare order, that he wrought nobly and valuably for the art of the country which he loved.



Op. 9. Two Old Songs, for voice and piano (1894)[18]: 
           1.  Deserted
           2.  Slumber Song

[18] The publication dates given here are those of the original editions.

Op. 10.  First Modern Suite, for piano (1883): 
           Praeladium—­Presto—­Andantino and

Op. 11.] An Album of Five Songs, for voice and piano
Op. 12.] 1.  My Love and I
           2.  You Love me Not
           3.  In the Skies
           4.  Night-Song
           5.  Bands of Roses

Op. 13. Prelude and Fugue, for piano (1883)

Op. 14. Second Modern Suite, for piano (1883): 

Op. 15. First Concerto, in A-minor, for piano and orchestra (1885)

Op. 16. Serenata, for piano (1883)

Op. 17. Two Fantastic Pieces, for piano (1884): 
           1.  Legend
           2.  Witches’ Dance

Op. 18. Two Compositions, for piano (1884): 
           1.  Barcarolle
           2.  Humoresque

Op. 19. Forest Idyls, for piano (1884): 
           1.  Forest Stillness
           2.  Play of the Nymphs
           3.  Revery
           4.  Dance of the Dryads

Op. 20. Three Poems, for piano, four hands (1886): 
           1.  Night at Sea
           2.  A Tale of the Knights
           3.  Ballad

Op. 21. Moon Pictures, for piano, four hands (1886): 
           1.  The Hindoo Maiden
           2.  Stork’s Story
           3.  In Tyrol
           4.  The Swan
           5.  Visit of the Bear

Op. 22. Hamlet and Ophelia, symphonic poem for orchestra (1885)

Op. 23. Second Concerto, in D-minor, for piano and orchestra

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