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The lesson was on The Ten Virgins, and the next Sunday the review question was asked, “What was the lesson about last Sunday?” and a bright boy gave the prompt answer, “About ten gals that went to a weddin.”


My dear teacher, God be with you witch I know he will, as the Song says God can see me every day when I work and when I play. again God is always near me when I pray.  I shall nor for get Miss H. her name shall never die out Christ have mercy upon her If God calls her I will spect to meet her in heven at the last trumpet shall sound.  I will be thair.  Yours truly,

Robert ——­

Dear teacher, I wish I could write good.  I have not done my duty.  I will try the next time and do better.  I am very sorry.  I will try and do better.  May God help me to obey my teacher.  Miss F. is sick.  I hope she will get better.  I will try to be like Jesus.  I have sign the pledge and have kept it.  Now I will close my bad lines.  I hope you will come back next year.  Good by.

Your aff Scholar,

James ——­

* * * * *



    O face, all radiant with the light of love,
      O eyes, so laughing in their tenderness,
      So quick to read the language of distress;
    O lips, so touched with flame as from above,
      O man, with godhead stamped upon thy brow,
    And manhood beating in thy pulses strong,
    To stir thee up to stamp thy heel on wrong,
      That earth should have no more thy pattern now! 
    No more should see thee on the wings of mercy sent! 
    Thou hads’t thy mortal years so wisely spent,
      That Heaven seemed too soon to crown thy brow;
    The veil of flesh was prematurely rent,
    And earthly glory with celestial blent.

* * * * *

A college commencement is a marked event to all parties concerned, and a good sketch of such an occasion furnishes interesting reading to a very wide circle.  We call the attention of our patrons to the reports we make of the anniversaries in our Southern institutions.  Some of these reports appeared in the last MISSIONARY, some will be found in this number, and others will be given in the next.

* * * * *




Orthodoxy and orthography are by no means inseparable, as the following letter proves.  Correct views of Divine Sovereignty and very indifferent spelling may go together in the same epistle.

“Dear Miss ——­

“Dear Teacher, I am so much Thank you for your kindness of the medicine which you have sent to me yesterday, until I cannot express my gladness and feeling unto you in this world, but I hope God will take good care off you even on death if I never have the plegure of seeing your good and happy looking face any more.

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