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Westport.  Pacific Union Cong.  Ch. 13.00

West Warren.  Mrs. W.D.  Marsh,
  for Student Aid, Fisk U. 25.00

Weymouth.  O.W.  Allen’s S.S.  Class,
  for Jellico, Tenn. 4.00

Weymouth and Braintree.  Union Cong.  Ch. 100.00

Whitinsville.  Mrs. S.G.  Whitin, 100;
  Edward Whitin, 100;
  Wm. H. Whitin, 100, for Atlanta U. 300.00

Williamstown.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., 25,
  “A Friend,” 5, for Atlanta U. 30.00

Wilmington.  Dea.  Levi Manning 2.00

Winchester.  First Ch. and Soc., 19.40;
  Miss P. Stevens, 1 20.40

Winchendon.  North Cong.  Ch. 94.52

Winchendon.  Atlanta Soc.,
  for Student Aid, Atlanta U. 45.00

Worcester.  Union Ch., 220.19;
  J.M.  Bassett, 100;
  Salem St. Ch., qr., 19;
  Geo. W. Ames, 3;
  Polly W. Ames, 3 345.19

Worcester, E.A.  Goodnow, 100;
  “Unknown Child,” 7 cts., for Atlanta U. 100.07

Worcester.  Sab.  Sch. of Piedmont Cong.  Ch.,
  for Student Aid, Atlanta U. 156.73

Yarmouth.  First Cong.  Ch. 49.58

——­ “A Friend” 5.00




Worcester.  Estate of Marshall S. Ballord,
  by A.H.  Ballord, Ex. 400.00




Alstead, N.H.  Children’s Mission Circle,
  One Quilt, for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Exeter, N.H.  Mrs. John L. Lovering,
  Bbl. of C., for Tougaloo U.

Cambridgeport, Mass.  Pilgrim Ch.  Sewing
  Circle, Case, for Tougaloo U.

Chelsea, Mass.  C.A.  Richardson, Books.

Gloucester, Mass.  Mary Brooks, Bundle.

Groton, Mass.  Ladies’ Benev.  Soc., Case
  for Louisville, Ky.

North Brookfield, Mass.  First Cong.  Ch.,
  Bbl., for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Shrewsbury, Mass.  Mrs. J.S.  Cleaveland,
  Box, for Dakota Indian M.

Waltham, Mass.  By Mrs. Luce, Pkg., for
  Atlanta U.

        RHODE ISLAND, $1,031.55.

Newport.  Bbl., for Williamsburg, Ky.

Providence.  Cong.  Club,
  By Rev. J.H.  McIlvaine, 50;
  North Cong.  Ch., 29.05 79.05

Providence.  Sab.  Sch.  Pilgrim Ch.,
  for Student Aid, Fisk U. 50.00




Providence.  Estate of Anthony B. Arnold,
  by John H. Cheever and W. Knight, Ex’rs $902.50

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