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92.  Employers of labor are justified in demanding the “open shop.”

93.  Irrigation projects to reclaim the arid lands of the West should be undertaken by the United States government.

94.  Courts for the compulsory settlement of controversies between labor and capital should be created by Congress.

95.  Industrial combinations commonly known as “trusts” are an economical benefit to the United States.

96.  The United States should establish and maintain a system of subsidies for the American merchant marine.

97.  No tax should be levied on the issue of state banks.

98.  Permanent copyrights should be extended by the national government.

99.  The judicial injunction as an instrument in labor controversies should be made illegal.

100.  A law gradually lowering the present tariff, so that in ten years the United States will be committed to a policy of free trade, would be economically desirable for the United States.



The first of the two following forms is a simple and commonly used one; the second is more formal and is desirable when the schools wish to point out carefully the principles upon which the decision is to be based.  A form such as the first, which allows the judge entire freedom, is becoming the more popular.


In my opinion, the better debating has been done by the
____________________ team.



[In rendering a decision, the judges are asked to act without reference to their own opinion on the merits of the question.  They are not to consider that either contesting party necessarily represents the actual attitude of themselves or of their school.  They are to act without consultation.  A decision is desired based solely on the quality of debating.

In determining the quality of debating, the judges are asked to consider both matter and form.  Grasp of the question, accuracy of analysis, selection of evidence, and order and cogency of arguments should be considered in judging matter.  Bearing, voice, directness, earnestness, emphasis, enunciation, and gesture should be considered in judging form.]


Considering the above instructions, I cast my ballot for the
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