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31.  A minimum wage for women employees of department stores should be enacted by the state of X—–.

32.  Public ownership of saloons would be a desirable method of dealing with the liquor problem.

33.  The English system of old-age pensions should be adopted by the United States government.

34.  Vivisection should be prohibited by law.

35.  The publication of court proceedings in criminal and divorce cases should be subject to a board of censorship.

36.  Education under the direction of a state board, should be required in the state prisons of X—–.

37.  The laws of marriage and divorce should be uniform throughout the United States (constitutionality conceded).

38.  Local option is the best method of dealing with the liquor question.

39.  The army canteen is desirable.

40.  A system of compulsory industrial insurance should be adopted by the state of X—–.

41.  An eight-hour law for all women workers should be enacted by the state of X—–.

42.  Immigration should be restricted according to the provisions of the Dillingham-Burnett bill.

43.  Free employment bureaus should be established by the city of X—–.

44.  Free employment bureaus should be established by the state of X—–.


45.  A permanent national tariff commission should be established.

46.  The constitution should be so amended as to make more easy the passing of amendments.

47.  The restrictions on Mongolian immigration should be removed.

48.  The President of the United States should serve one term of six years.

49.  Complete public reports of all contributions to political campaign funds should be required by law.

50.  The Monroe Doctrine as a part of American foreign policy should be discontinued.

51.  The interests of labor can best be represented by a separate political party.

52.  The naturalization laws of the United States should be made more stringent.

53.  Aliens should be forbidden the ballot in every state.

54.  The state of California is justified in her stand against land ownership by aliens.

55.  Permanent retention of the Philippine Islands by the United States is not advisable.

56.  The United States navy should be maintained at a fighting strength equal to any in the world.

57.  Direct presidential primaries should be a substitute for the present method of presidential nomination.

58.  Corporations engaged in interstate business should be compelled to operate under a national charter.

59.  The Panama Canal should be fortified.

60.  The initiative and referendum in matters of state legislation would be desirable in the state of X——.

61.  From the standpoint of the United States the annexation of Cuba would be desirable.

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