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  I. Recent popularity of soccer.

    1.  In England.

    2.  In America.

  II.  Soccer a healthful game, for: 

    1.  Develops lungs.

    2.  Develops all the muscles.

  III.  Issues.

    1.  Soccer is a beneficial game.

    2.  Would the students of “A” support soccer as a regular


  I. Soccer is a beneficial sport, for: 

    1.  It requires much running, kicking, and dodging, both
    in offensive and defensive playing, therefore—­

      (1) It develops muscles.

      (2) It develops lungs.

    2.  It is played out of doors, therefore

      (1) It develops lungs.

  II.  Students of “A” would support soccer as a regular sport, for: 

    1.  Who has ever heard of students who would not support
    soccer, baseball, basket-ball, and all other exciting

3.  The following is the conclusion of an argument by Edmund Burke in which the speaker maintained that Warren Hastings should be impeached by the House of Commons.  If it had been preceded by a clear “introduction” and convincing “proof,” do you think that it would have made an effective “conclusion”?

    Therefore, it is with confidence that, ordered by the Commons: 

    I impeach Warren Hastings, Esquire, of high crimes and misdemeanors.

    I impeach him in the name of the Commons of Great Britain, in
    Parliament assembled, whose parliamentary trust he has betrayed.

    I impeach him in the name of all the Commons of Great Britain, whose
    national character he has dishonored.

    I impeach him in the name of the people of India, whose laws,
    rights, and liberties he has subverted, whose property he has
    destroyed, whose country he has laid waste and desolate.

    I impeach him in the name and by virtue of those eternal laws of
    justice which he has violated.

    I impeach him in the name of human nature itself, which he has
    cruelly outraged, injured, and oppressed in both sexes, in every
    age, rank, situation, and condition of life.

4.  Take any one of the following propositions and without other material than that of your own ideas, state at least two issues, and, in correct brief form, proof for belief or unbelief.

(1) High-School Boys Should Smoke Cigarettes.

(2) No One Should Play Football without a Physician’s Permission.

(3) Girls Should Participate in Athletic Games While in High School.

(4) High-School Fraternities Are Desirable.

(5) Women Should Have the Right to Vote in All Elections.


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