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(1) It has been made impossible by the rules
of the schools, for: 

a) This high school requires a physician’s
certificate of fitness before participation
in any athletic contest, for: 
(a) Extract from athletic rulings of
school board.

b) Our opponent’s high school has a similar
regulation, for: 

(a) Extract from school paper of opponents.

c) The X High School has the same ruling.

d) The Y High School has the same requirement.

2.  The charge that athletic contests between high
schools make the contestants poor students is
without sound basis, for: 

(1) A high standard of scholarship is required of
all inter-high-school athletic contestants, for: 

a) Regulations of Illinois Athletic Association.

B. The evils charged against inter-high-school debating
cannot be cured by the proposed scheme, for: 

1.  They are due, when they exist, not to the form
of contest, but to improper coaching, for: 

(1) “Too much training,” one of the evils
charged, is an example of this.

(2) Unfair use of evidence, the other evil alleged,
is simply an evil of improper coaching.

II.  The proposed plan would not be so democratic as the present
system, for: 

A. The present plan gives an opportunity to all students, for: 

1.  Its class and other intra contests give a chance to the less
proficient pupils.

2.  Its inter contests afford an opportunity for the more
proficient pupils.

B. The proposed plan would deprive the more capable pupils of
desirable contests, for: 

1.  They can find contests strenuous enough to induce development
only by competing with similar students in other schools.

III.  The proposed plan would not be practicable, for: 

A. It is unsound in theory, for: 

1.  No pupil has a strong desire to defeat his close friends.

2.  There is no desirable method of dividing the students for
competition under the proposed plan, for: 

(1) Class division is unsatisfactory, for: 

a) The more mature and experienced upper classes win
too easily.

(2) “Group division” is not desirable, for: 

a) If the division is large, the domination of the
mature students will give no opportunity to the younger

b) If the division is small, it is likely to develop
into a secret society.

B. Experience opposes the proposed plan, for: 

1.  College experience is against it, for: 

(1) N. University tried this plan without success, for: 

a) Quotation from president of N.

2.  High-school experience does not indorse it, for: 

(1) It is practically untried in high schools.


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