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Two books by the only fascist theorist in America.

Fraenkel, Ernest—­The Dual State:  A Contribution to the Theory of Dictatorship, N.Y., 1941.

By distinguishing between the “Prerogative State” and the “Normative State,” the author gives an effective account of the attempt of the Nazis to acknowledge an indispensable, if minimal, legal order, which was, comparatively speaking, independent of the extra-legal realm of violence.

Hartshorne, E.Y.—­The German Universities and National Socialism, Cambridge, 1937.

     A carefully documented account of what happened in the
     various branches and departments of German universities
     under the Nazis.

Hitler, Adolph—­My Battle, N.Y., 1939.

     Hitler’s own vitriolic account of his attempt to rise to

Lasswell, Harold D.—­“The Garrison State,” American Journal of Sociology, Chicago, Vol.  XLVI, 1940-41, pp. 455-468.

     A brief but incisive discussion of the structure of fascism.

Lilge, Frederic—­The Abuse of Learning:  The Failure of the German University, N.Y., 1948.

     A philosophical history of higher education in Germany,
     concluding with its fascist evolution.

Matteotti, Giacomo—­The Fascist Exposed:  A Year of Fascist Domination, London, 1924.

     A factual account by a liberal, who, until murdered, was a
     member of the Italian Senate.

Minio-Paluello, L.—­Education in Fascist Italy, N.Y., 1946.

     A detailed discussion of fascist education, including an
     historical introduction to pre-fascist education.

Neumann, Franz—­Behemoth:  The Structure and Practice of National Socialism, N.Y., 1942.

Probably the most comprehensive and definitive statement in English of the functioning of National Socialism.  It concentrates especially on the political and economic aspects of Nazism.

Pinthus, Kurt—­“Culture Under Nazi Germany,” The American Scholar, Vol.  IX, N.Y., 1940, pp. 483-498.

     A valuable treatment of the inner character of the arts and
     letters and of what happened to their publics under the

Sabine, G.H.—­A History of Political Theory, N.Y., 1950.

     A brief chapter on “Fascism” gives an excellent balanced
     account of its fundamentals.

     Salvemini, Gaetano—­The Fascist Dictatorship in Italy, N.Y., 1927.
                         Under the Axe of Fascism, N.Y., 1936.

     An eminent Italian historian writes vividly and perceptively
     on Italian Fascism.

Schneider, Herbert W.—­Making the Fascist State, N.Y., 1928.

     An early, but well considered, account of the rise of
     Italian fascism.

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