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It has been estimated that every couple should have four children if the nation’s population is to be maintained.  But we meet already the facile and complacent expression of young married people, “Now we have our four children and so have fulfilled our obligations”—­What superficiality!  Today we must demand a much higher moral attitude from the wife than previously.  Earlier it was taken for granted that a woman would bear a child every one or two years.  But today in this time of manifold amenities of life, at a time when women is not denied access to these joys it is understandable that she is eager to participate in them.  Add to this that the knowledge of birth control is general today.  Despite all this women must be encouraged to give birth during twenty years of married life to eight or ten and even more children, and to renounce the above-mentioned joys of life.  She must decide as a mother of children to lead a life full of sacrifices, devotion, and unselfishness.  It is only when these ethical demands are fulfilled by a large number of worthy wives of good stock that the future of the German nation will be assured.

Doctors are leaders of the Folk more than they know ...  They are now quite officially fuehrer of the people, called to the leadership of its health.  To fulfill this task they must be free of the profit motive.  They must be quite free from that attitude of spirit which is rightly designated as Jewish, the concern for business and self-provision.


Arendt, Hannah—­The Origins of Totalitarianism, N.Y., 1951.

Pt.  III is especially directed to a discussion of the principles and consequences of fascism.  The author gives an effective account of what “total domination” signifies in a reign of terror.  Detailed bibliography.

Bodrero, Emilio—­“Fascism” in Dictatorship on Its Trial, ed. by Otto Forst de Battaglia, London, 1930.

     A brief, but significant, statement by a former Rector of
     the University of Padua and a Secretary of State to

Borgese, G.A.—­Goliath, The March of Fascism, N.Y., 1938.

     Well written from the point of view of an Italian humanist.

Brady, Robert A.—­The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism, London, 1937.

     An extremely thorough and documented discussion of the
     economy of National Socialist Germany, its institutions and
     its business practices.

     See also:  Brady’s Business as a System of Power; chapters
     on Germany, Italy and Japan.  N.Y., 1943.

Childs, H.L. and Dodd, W.E.—­The Nazi Primer, N.Y., 1938.

A translation of the “Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth.”  In simple form including illustrations, it is an excellent indication of the guiding principles of the German educational system.

Dennis, Lawrence—­The Coming American Fascism, N.Y., 1936.
The Dynamics of War and Revolution, N.Y., 1940.

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