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a suffering part in it.  Furthermore the heroic life demands a recognition and experiencing of the highest value of life which man must serve with all his powers.  This value can perhaps be recognized and presented theoretically in the schools but it can only be directly comprehended and personally experienced in the community of the people.  Therefore all education must preserve this direct connection with the community of the people and school education must derive from it the form and substance of its instruction.[31]
This nationalism, which is based upon the laws of life, has nothing in common with the weak and presumptuous patriotism of the liberalistic world; it is not a gift or a favor, not a possession or a privilege, but it is the form of national life which we have won in hard battle and which suits our Nordic-German racial and spiritual heritage.  In the nationalistic personality the powers and values which have been established in the socialistic personality will be purposefully exerted for the perfection of the temporal and eternal idea of life.[32]

The National Socialist idea of totality, therefore, and its manifestation in life of the national community form the principal substance of education in the Third Reich: 

This idea of totality must be radically distinguished from the liberalistic conception of the mass.  According to the liberalistic interpretation the whole consists of a summation of its parts.  According to the National Socialist organic conception the whole comes before the parts; it does not arise from the parts but it is already contained in the parts themselves; all parts are microcosmic forms of the whole.  This organic conception of the whole is the deepest natural justification of the basic political character of all organic life.[33]

Education, Beck continues, must present this total unity as it is manifested in the racial character of the people.  Race is the most essential factor in the natural and spiritual unity of a people, and it is also the main factor which separates one people from another.  The racial character of the people must determine the substance of education; this substance must be derived primarily from the life of the people.

Even in the specialized field of political science, Nazi education is concerned not with the structure of the state but with the role of the individual in the life of the people: 

National Socialist political science concerns itself not with education to citizenship but with preparation for membership in the German people....  Not the structure of the state but the strength of a people determines the value and the strength of an individual life.  The state must be an organization which corresponds to the laws of the people’s life and assists in their realization.[34]

Such indeed is the supreme goal of all National Socialist education:  to make each individual an expression of “the eternal German”: 

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