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But empire requires discipline, the coordination of forces, duty and sacrifice.  This explains many phases of the practical action of the regime.  It explains the aims of many of the forces of the State and the necessary severity against those who would oppose themselves to this spontaneous and irresistible movement of the Italy of the Twentieth century by trying to appeal to the discredited ideologies of the Nineteenth century, which have been repudiated wherever great experiments of political and social transformation have been daringly undertaken.

Never more than at the present moment have the nations felt such a thirst for an authority, for a direction, for order.  If every century has its own peculiar doctrine, there are a thousand indications that Fascism is that of the present century.  That it is a doctrine of life is shown by the fact that it has created a faith; that the faith has taken possession of the mind is demonstrated by the fact that Fascism has had its Fallen and its martyrs.

Fascism has now attained in the world an universality over all doctrines.  Being realised, it represents an epoch in the history of the human mind.


The following message was sent by Benito Mussolini, the Premier of
Italy, to Signor Rocco after he had delivered his speech at Perugia.

     Dear Rocco,

I have just read your magnificent address which I endorse throughout.  You have presented in a masterful way the doctrine of Fascism.  For Fascism has a doctrine, or, if you will, a particular philosophy with regard to all the questions which beset the human mind today.  All Italian Fascists should read your discourse and derive from it both the clear formulation of the basic principles of our program as well as the reasons why Fascism must be systematically, firmly, and rationally inflexible in its uncompromising attitude towards other parties.  Thus and only thus can the word become flesh and the ideas be turned into deeds.

     Cordial greetings,

Fascism As Action, As Feeling, and As Thought

Much has been said, and is now being said for or against this complex political and social phenomenon which in the brief period of six years has taken complete hold of Italian life and, spreading beyond the borders of the Kingdom, has made itself felt in varying degrees of intensity throughout the world.  But people have been much more eager to extol or to deplore than to understand—­which is natural enough in a period of tumultuous fervor and of political passion.  The time has not yet arrived for a dispassionate judgment.  For even I, who noticed the very first manifestations of this great development, saw its significance from the start and participated directly in its first doings,

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