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[Footnote 156:  According to the latest accounts I have been able to obtain, a temperature of 29.75 deg.  F. had already been reached some years ago; the temperature, a few feet from the surface, being 14 deg. below freezing.  The soil here only thaws to a depth of 3 feet in the hottest summer.  Sir R. Murchison wrote to Russia, in February last, for further information regarding this well.

Since I wrote this, Sir Roderick Murchison has applied to the Secretary of the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg for further information respecting the investigations at Jakutsk.  The Secretary gives a reference to Middendorff’s Sibirische Reise, Bd. iv.  Th. i., 3te Lieferung, Klima, 1861.  I have only been able to find the edition of 1848-51; but in that edition, under the heading Meteorologische Beobachtungen, elaborate tables of the meteorological condition of Jakutsk are given (i. 28-49).  Also, under the heading Geothermische Beobachtungen, very careful information respecting the frozen earth will be found (i. 157, &c., and 178, &c.).  The point at which a temperature of 32 deg. will be attained, is reckoned variously at from 600 to 1,000 feet below the surface.]

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[Footnote 162:  ’Vidi ego in Monte Sorano cryptam veluti glacie incrustatam, ingentibus in fornice hinc inde stiriis dependentibus, e quibus vicini mentis accolae pocula aestivo tempore conficiunt, aquae vinoque quae iis infunduntur refrigerandis aptissima, extremo rigore in summas bibentium delicias commutato.’]

[Footnote 163:  Both here and at Schemnitz, Kircher made particular enquiries on a subject of which scientific men have altogether lost sight.  At Schemnitz he asked the superintendent, an comparcant Daemunculi vel pygmaei in fodinis?—­respondit affirmative, et narrat plura exempla; and at Herrengrund, utrum appareant Daemunculi seu pygmaei?—­respondit tales visos fuisse, et auditos pluries. (Edition of 1678, ii. 203, 205.)]

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