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Title:  The Ladies Delight

Author:  Anonymous

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I. An Address to all well provided HIBERNIANS;

II.  The Arbor vitae; or, Tree of Life.  A Poem.  Shewing whence it took it’s Root, and has spread its Leaves over all Christendom; being extremely useful to Students in all Branches of polite Literature.

III.  The Natural History of the Arbor vitae; or, The Tree of Life, in Prose; printed from the Original Manuscript.

IV.  Ridotto al’ fresco.  A Poem.  Describing the Growth of this Tree in the famous Spring Gardens at Vaux-Hall, under the Care of that ingenious Botanist Doctor H——­gg——­R.

* * * * *

RES est severa Voluptas.

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Printed for W.  James in the Strand, 1732

[Price Six-pence.]

* * * * *



As Nature hath been so very Indulgent to ye, as to stock your Gardens with Trees of the largest Growth, for which Reason ye are caress’d, whilst Men of less Parts, tho’ in some Things more deserving, are laugh’d at, and excluded all Company.

As all Infants, especially of the Female Sex, are much delighted with Fruit, so as their Years and other Appetites increase, no Wonder if that increases too.  Both Men and Beasts have some-thing or another, for which they are esteem’d; so ye being in a particular manner Happy in this Talent, may securely laugh, while ye daily grow in the Ladies Favour, and spread your Branches over all the Kingdom:  Many a hopeful Stick of Wood has been produc’d by this glorious Tree, who after they had piss’d their Estates against the Wall (as the good Housewives term it) have by the Strength of true Hibernian Prowess rais’d themselves to the Favour of some fair Virtuoso, and being by her plac’d in a HOT-BED, have been restor’d to their pristine Strength, and flourish’d again; and like true Heroes, not envying the busy World, have been content to spend the remainder of their Days in an obscure Nook of the World.

Thus, Gentlemen, and as all Poets chuse the most Worthy to patronize their Works, I humbly offer ye the following Poem, and that you may still continue as ye now are; that your Trees may ever flourish, your Green-houses be secure, nor your young Plants be ever nipt in the Bud, and that you may ever stand against all Cracks, Storms, Tempests, and Eruptions,

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