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  And for those that of danger a spice
    Or variety’s pleasures would know,
  There’s a limitless sea to the west
    Where the free ocean breezes do blow.

  There are harbours and fiords on a coast
    That is thousands of miles in extent;
  And new scenes that its windings unfold
    Fill those that explore with content.


  Vancouver, Vancouver,
    Vancouver we’ll sing all the way. 
  Far away we may roam, but Vancouver’s our home
    We remember, wherever we stray.

  Vancouver, Vancouver,
    In summer time all the day long
  To sea we will roam, for afloat we’re at home
    So we sway on our halyards with song.

  Vancouver, Vancouver,
    The open gateway of the West. 
  Her harbour’s the port where vessels resort
    Of pleasure or profit in quest.

  Vancouver, Vancouver,
    Her mountains a wonderland hold,
  Where the Lions on guard, carved in rock grey and hard,
    Have stood sentry for ages untold.

  Vancouver, Vancouver,
    Of seamen intrepid we’ll sing: 
  Vancouver and Cook, great explorers, who took
    Possession in name of their king.

  Victoria, B.C.

  Bud of England grafted
    On a western tree,
  Favoured by the breezes
    Of a temperate sea.

  Roses in the gardens
    Greet thy Christmastide,
  Broom upon the headlands
    Gilds the ocean side.

  In thy dreamy moments
    Thou didst plan to be
  Queen upon the islands
    By the western sea.

Paolo’s Virginia






  Heart free, care free and free to roam am I
  Wherever fancy leads beneath the sky. 
  I’ll rest awhile and watch the kelpies play,
  They will be sporting on the sands to-day. 
  Perhaps they’ll tell me what my heart desires
  To know, and Cupid’s dart inspires.

[Kelpies come up from the sea and sing in chorus:]

  Join with us, dance with us, prance with us
  Over the sea. 
  Roam with us, flee with us, be with us
  Where we may be

  Sing with us, walk with us, talk with us
  Carelessly gay. 
  Come with us, play with us, stray with us
  Where we may stray.

  Pray, kelpies, tell me what you find of joy,
  In what of work or play your hours employ.

Kelpies’ Chorus—­
  You can sing of the lakes and mountains
  And the freedom of open plains;
  But for spaces wide and untrammelled
  The ocean alone remains.

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