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  ’Tis the time of the northward migration
  And ahead of the birds we must fly
  To where days are of endless duration;
  So in chorus we bid you good-bye.

    Farewell, my Cupid,
    Love speed you on your way. 
    Farewell, dear Cupid,
    And au-revoir we’ll say.

(All in chorus)

  Farewell to you, farewell to all, farewell to-day;
  Paolo, Cupid, Frosties each farewell must say.



[Virginia sitting on a bank of grass and spring flowers, with a band of fairies dancing around her in a ring.]

    Spring Draweth Near

Fairies (in Chorus)—­
  Spring is coming, hear the humming
  Of the bumble bees;
  Life is waking, buds are breaking,
  Love is in the breeze.

    Fairies sing for the spring
    Draweth near;
    Mirth and song now belong
    To the year.

  Birdies wooing, ring doves cooing
  From each budding bough. 
  All things mating, no one waiting,
  Love is calling now.

  Larks are singing, swallows winging
  North, their rapid flight. 
  Winter’s ending, spring is sending
  Warmth and love and light.

  What strange emotions fill this breast? 
  What flitting shadows of unrest
  Disturb me so? 
  I have not ceased to long and dream
  Since I was lifted o’er that stream
  By Paolo.

  In strong arms’ clasp what can there be
  To thrill the heart in fancy free
  And leave behind
  A joy that is akin to pain,
  A longing to be held again
  By arms entwined?

[Enter Cupid during last words.]

  Good morning to you all, a fairy ring
  Delights my heart; I’ll wait and hear you sing.

  We’re glad you’re back, you should avoid the snows
  Dear careless boy; some day you’ll freeze your toes.

[Cupid fitting arrow to his bow—­]

  No, don’t you shoot your arrow; ’tisn’t fair! 
  You’ve learned too much already, spare oh spare
  My heart from further pain you cruel boy;
  What balm have you for wounds that peace destroy?

  Forbid the thought of Cupid causing pain;
  Nought else I seek but bringing joy again. 
  I have a secret message to unfold
  To you, the sweetest lover ever told. 
  I’ll whisper softly in your dainty ear,
  So soft that even fairies will not hear.

[Cupid whispers his message.]

  Oh Cupid! (C.) How you blush, your burning cheek
  Tells plainer still than even lips can speak
  Of tenderness for Paolo that glows
  Within your heart, and now quite overflows.


  Blush of the early morning
  Heralds the coming day,
  Heralds the beam of sunshine
  Chasing the dark away.

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