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Title:  The Fifteen Comforts of Matrimony:  Responses From Women

Author:  Various

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Whores and Bawd’s






[Illustration] p>

Printed in the Year, 1706.

The preface.

Indeed we the Ladies of Pleasures, and those that stile themselves Procurers in Love Affairs, highly resent the late Paper put out against our Profession and bespattering of us for using only our own; but since it is the Way of the World for most Men to be inclinable to love Lac’d Mutton, I think it is their Duty to resent the Affront with us so much, as to Satyrize the Author of the Fifteen Comforts of Whoring, who without is some young bashful Effeminate Fool or another, that knows not how to say Boh to a Goose; or some old suffocated old Wretch so far pass’d his Labour, that he scolds for Madness that he cannot give a buxom young Lass her Benevolence; or else he may an hundred to one be one of Captain Risby’s Fraternity, and so must needs be a Woman Hater by Course.  But let him be what he will, so long as our Impudence is Case-harden’d we value not his Reflections, and therefore will not leave our Vocation tho’ Claps and Poxes shou’d be our Portion every Day for according to an eminent Whore now Deceas’d,

Clap, clap ye Whores, Clap as Clap can,
Some Clap to Women, we’ll Clap the Men.

Whores and Bawds, Answer, &c.

The first Comfort of Whoring, Answer’d.

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