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Title:  The Fifteen Comforts of Matrimony:  Responses from Men

Author:  Various

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Fifteen Comforts


Looking glass for all Those who have Enter’d in that Holy and Comfortable State. herein are sum’d up all those Blessings that attend a Married Life.

Dedicated to Batchelors and Widdowers.

London. Printed in the Year, 1706.

The Fifteen Comforts of Matrimony.

The First Comfort of Matrimony.

Happy were Man, when born as free as Air,
Did he that freedom as he ought, prefer;
But the first Thing he sets his Heart upon,
Is to be Married, and to be undone: 
On some young Girl he casts his wanton Eyes,
And wooes her with fine Complements and Toys. 
But that’s not all—­he grows in Love at last,
And is impatient till those Joys he taste: 
Nor do’s the wishing Virgin disagree,
In what she longs to taste as well as he;
Married they are—­no Couple for a while
Enjoy such Pleasure, Fortune seems to smile: 
But all’s a Dream, from which in time they wake,
And now their Breasts of other Cares partake: 
She grows true Woman, sullen, proud, and high,
Complains he keeps her not accordingly,
To what she brought—­wants This rich Thing, and That
Until she runs him o’er Head and Ears in Debt,
That in a Gaol he’s forc’d to end his Life,
The first great Comfort flowing from a Wife.

The Second Comfort of Matrimony.

Another that has got a Handsome Wife,
Makes her the only Heaven of his Life;
Keeps her Extravagantly, Fine and Gay,
And never thinks she makes too much away;
The Treats and Balls she is invited to,
And he good Man, consents that she shall
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