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as a selfish course of action, it does ensure that joyful warmth of heart which all loving service brings, and which is among the most valuable of all the treasures of earth or Heaven.  Every man who acts on this principle is adding to the general sum of human happiness.  What is the sum of celestial happiness, the happiness of God, the happiness of the angels, the happiness of the Blood-washed spirits who are safely landed there?  In what does this happiness chiefly consist?
“I reply, Not in the golden streets, the unfading flowers, the marvellous music, nor all the other wonders of the Celestial Land put together, but in Love.  Love is the essence of the bliss of Heaven, for ‘Love is Heaven, and Heaven is Love.’  This happiness we can have below.  It is not the love others bear to us that makes our felicity, but the love we bear to them; and, thank God, we can as truly love on earth as we can in Heaven.
“And then, as I have been saying all along, acting on this principle constitutes true religion.  As labour done from selfish, fleshly motives is of the earth, and as the results which follow it will perish with the earth, even so labour done to bless mankind and to please God is Divine, and the results flowing out of it must be everlasting honour and joy.  Where this principle is carried into effect, every part of human conduct becomes religious—­nay, a positive act of Divine worship, and an acceptable song of praise.”

Important Events Connected With The General’s Life And Work

1827.  Jan. 17th Catherine Mumford—­afterwards Mrs Booth—­born at
                  Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Apr. 10th William Booth born at Nottingham.

1844.  Conversion of Catherine Mumford and William Booth.

1852.  Apr. 10th William Booth entered the Methodist Ministry.

1855.  June 16th Marriage of William Booth and Catherine Mumford.

1856.  March 8th Birth of William Bramwell (now General) Booth.

1859.  Mrs. Booth’s first pamphlet “Female Ministry” published.

1861.  Commenced to travel as Revivalist.

1865.  July 5th Commenced Mission Work in East of London.

First Headquarters opened in Whitechapel Road.

1868.  Christian Mission commenced work in Scotland.

1870.  Publication of “How to reach the Masses” by the Rev. W.

1875.  Publication of the first volume of music.

1878.  First Deed Poll, signed legally, constituting The
Christian Mission.

" Xmas.  The name of the Christian Mission altered to The
Salvation Army, and the Rev. William Booth assume the
title of General.

First Corps flag presented by Mrs. Booth.

“Practical Christianity” by Mrs. Booth published.

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