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“Booth was not one to be intimidated.  He tolerated insults with Olympic patience.  He just wiped off the dirt his persecutors threw at him, and smilingly invited them to follow him.  Thus, about seventy years of age, he began the beneficent career which accomplished a truly marvellous work of philanthropy and love, and which gained for him not only the esteem and veneration of the poor of East London, and of the choicest citizens, but the personal friendship of his Sovereign.”

The Age, of Milan

“The death of Booth causes consternation through all England, because through the vast Organisation, The Salvation Army, he was so well known for his works of humanity and beneficence.

“Indeed, he was one of the most celebrated men in the world.  The great humane work he founded during the seventy years of his apostolate is destined to remain as one of the highest expressions of modern philanthropy and charity.  The Army is an immense federation of hearts and consciences which was created, guided, and led to triumph by Mr. Booth.”

The Press, of Turin

“The Founder and General of The Salvation Army, dead at eighty-three years of age, after seventy years of unwearyable apostolate, was one of the purest and most popular heroes of modern Christianity.  He was not content to preach the Gospel only from the parchment—­a mystic and a poet, yet a practical man of forethought, he was able, out of nothing, to create a Society of militant propagandists for the social redemption of the lost crowds, and to fight against idleness, alcoholism, and evil habits.”

The Halfpenny Paper

“The message that General Booth is dead will cause sorrow not only in his country or in Europe, but all over the world.  Now, at his death, the whole world knows his name, and thousands follow in his footsteps.”

Social Demokrat

“No free religious movement has ever become so great or laid so strong a hold upon all classes of society.

“General Booth will be named in history as one of the strongest and most remarkable personages that ever lived.  He was a product of society, such as it was, and the Movement he raised was born of that state of things, firstly as a reconciler, and then as a protest.

“To accomplish such a work as has been done cannot be without result on the future shaping of society.”

The Morning

“To-day The Salvation Army stands as one of the mightiest and most remarkable religious organisations that the world has ever seen.”

Jonkoping Post

“One of our times, and perhaps all times, greatest and most remarkable personages, The Salvation Army’s Founder and General, William Booth, died in London yesterday evening.  Behind him lies a path such as few have ever travelled.  Before him lies the rest with his Lord, in whose service he laboured almost all his long life.”

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