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General Business Paper of Amsterdam

“The world has to mourn the death of one of the noblest men who ever lived, of a man who undiscouraged by scorn, contempt, and continual mockery, kept on working according to his convictions, conscious that he had a great vocation to fulfil, seeking the welfare of his fellows of no matter what race or class they might belong to.

“With his departure will be mourned a man who accomplished great things, and of whom his most ardent opponents have to admit that he by his example and by his incomparable power to work, and his mighty talent for organisation, has been able to be a blessing to many.

“William Booth has gone to his eternal rest.  He has not lived and worked in vain.  His name does not belong only to his Fatherland, but to the whole world, for he was a benefactor to every land, to all humanity.  If any name shall continue to live, it is his.”

The People, Amsterdam

“A man has died whose figure, owing to his career, his self-chosen sphere of labour, his manifested power and talent, and through his success, too, has become a world-figure, who may be variously judged, but awakened sympathy everywhere, and scarcely anywhere enmity.

“Booth was the man for the outcasts of society, for the poorest and most miserable, for those who had no strength left, and were entirely unarmed in the fight for existence.”

The Fatherland, Amsterdam

“Yes, truly he was a great idealist.  That was why he could not be content to remain an ordinary minister.  His ideal went beyond the circle of his communion.  He wanted to overcome the world by love and Divine worship, and work for all mankind.  And we see the results everywhere just as in this country, so at the other side of the world.”

The Amsterdammer

“The saving of souls was the great, all-consuming passion of the Founder of The Salvation Army.  To satisfy this heart-moving desire he began his wide-stretched Organisation, and, notwithstanding the great Social Work, which represented a great amount of practical social betterment, he continued in every direction in The Army only to honour the opportunity it gave him to win souls for God and The Army.”

The Evening Courier, of Milan

“When he stepped to the front of the platform, he seemed transfigured.  His rapid and incisive words poured from his mouth with unrestrained eloquence.

“‘All the foundation of all we say,’ he cried, ’are the eternal truths of the Gospel, indestructible as the pillars of the throne of God.’

“The Apostle spoke out.  In that body, worn with age, was born again something of that unconquerable faith which had made Booth as a lad cry out seventy years before, in a prophetic transport, ’The trumpet has sounded the signal for the fight.  Your General assures you of success and a glorious reward.  Your crown is ready.  Why do you wait and hesitate so?  Forward, forward, forward!’

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