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“Here is a work done by an extraordinarily organising genius so great and such a model, socially speaking, as to fill even the opponents of the old philanthropist with respect.”

Journal Des Debats, Paris

“Never, perhaps, has a man been the creator of such Social Work as this one who has died after having passed fifty years running all over the world in search of the miserable ones; who had no hope.”

Gaulois, Paris

“His life may be thus summarised.  He brought back to God and to morality many souls who had gone to materialism and vice.  He founded pretty well everywhere 750 Refuges for the unfortunate; he found work for those who had none; he despised human respect in order to do good.”

The Little Republican, Paris

“It is a very exalted moral figure which has disappeared from this world, as well as even more than a person singularly famous.  If he became a preacher, he was certainly born an apostle.  He had the genius of conversion, and wanted no other career here below.  There is not a city of the Anglo-Saxon world where his Army has not snatched, by hundreds, men from drunkenness and women from prostitution.”

[Illustration:  Commander Miss Booth

In Charge of the Salvation Army Work in U.S.A.]

The Republic, Paris

“An indefatigable organiser, ceaselessly working for the success of his effort, he created besides numerous groups of Salvationists, night Refuges, popular Restaurants, Workplaces, journals, and reviews.”

The Intransigent, Paris

“In General Booth passes away a truly world-personage, whose influence extended to the two hemispheres, and, perhaps, as much amongst the savage as the civilised.

“He discovered, his real path, and founded The Salvation Army, which has recruited millions of faithful ones in the most diverse nations—­even in our sceptical France.”

The Voltaire, Paris

“We have not to judge his religious efforts, nor even his methods, which often seemed to us from some aspects so very absurd.

“But one must recognise that The Army created Hospitals, Retreats, Refuges without number in all countries of the world, including France, and that the devotion of its Soldiers has been unbounded.  From the social point of view General Booth was certainly a benefactor.”

Gil Blas, Paris

“Struck by the misery which some quarters of London displayed to him, he conceived the idea of evangelising these masses, and to bring them along with the Christian light, physical comfort, and moral union.

“An intelligent work, humane in its principles, beautiful in its aspirations, it merits that we salute with respect the remains of him who undertook it with all his disinterestedness and all his heart.”

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