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The General Gazette of Erfurt

“In General Booth, one has closed his eyes who was able to make a visible reality of the faith that can remove mountains.  The Bonaparte of free Social help has died.”

The Cologne Times

“One of the greatest benefactors of mankind has passed away, and as success is the greatest joy, also one of the happiest of men.  The Salvation Army is a good, Christian undertaking, and William Booth was one of the noblest Christians whose name history can record.”

Hanover Courier

“Booth was the born orator of the people.  He possessed above all the rare gift of keeping always to the level of his hearers, and so to speak about the highest themes that the wayfaring man understood him.”

Hamburg Strangers Paper

“To the last he was the living, energising centre of The Army, and to the last breath in the truest sense its General.”

Munchen Latest News

“With the decease of General Booth, mankind has to mourn the loss of a willing, self-sacrificing benefactor, a noble philanthropist of the most distinguished purpose.”

The Kingdom’s Messenger of Berlin

“What he accomplished in the fighting of drunkenness or other evils is too well known to need description.  Taken all in all, whatever any one may have to say about any details of The Army’s methods, one must agree with The Daily Chronicle that the loss of General Booth is a heavy blow, and the whole world will unite with us in applauding such a life of devotion to a great end.”

The Cross Gazette of Berlin

“It was seen that he was not merely a preacher of repentance, but a real shepherd of his sheep, who had an open heart, and a good understanding for all in need.”

German News of Berlin

“He was no quack, no charlatan, and Carlyle, had he known him, would have certainly put him into his list of heroes as priest and prophet.  It is great, what The Army has done in fighting manifold human miseries, such as drunkenness.  We have often known learned men and politicians who went over the sea scoffers at it come back its admirers.”

Markish People’s Paper of Barmen

“Our opposition on principle does not prevent our acknowledging that The Army has done much good to the poorest of the poor.”

German Daily Paper of Berlin

“With the greatest pity he combined the most iron discipline, and sacrificed to the happiness of all every personal enjoyment.”

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