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The Berlin Evening Paper

“There has hardly ever been a General who in an almost unbroken career of victory subdued so many men and conquered so many countries as William Booth.  His person gained the high respect of his contemporaries through his long, priestly life, and he will ever remain an example of how much, even in a time of confusion and division, one man can do who knows what he wants, and keeps a clear conscience.”

Berlin Midday Paper

“In General Booth we have, undoubtedly, lost one of the most successful organisers of the day.”

Berlin Day Paper (Tageblatt)

“Whoever has seen and heard Booth in a huge Meeting in Circus Busch will never forget him—­the snow-white, flowing beard and the great, upright figure in the blue uniform, with the red-figured jersey, the furrowed face of typical English character, and the finely mobile orator’s mouth, with the searching eyes under the noble forehead, and the prominent nose that gave him almost the aspect of an eagle.”

German Watchman

“With that constant will power which sprang from deep and upright conviction, and with a faculty for organisation which won hearty recognition from all who knew him, he was able to do such great things.”

National Gazette, Berlin

“His unselfishness and his zealous devotion to his creation (The Army) was beyond all question.”

Berlin Exchange Courier

“Whoever saw and heard him knows that he remained, after all, the simple, unassuming, humble man.  The secret of this personality was the embodiment of an unshakable religious devotion.  It rang out in his burning, earnest words, it breathed in the deep heartfelt prayers in his Meetings, it expressed itself in wondrous deeds of love, which ignored difficulties and shrank from no sacrifice.  This made of him the organising genius who led the world-wide Salvation Army, with all its higher and lower departments, with strength and security.  William Booth was as its Founder and General perhaps the most popular man of our day.”

Neckar-Journal of Heilsbron

“And so General Booth, who has now died at eighty-three, risen to be one of the greatest benefactors of the murdering industry period.  His name is graven in brass in the social history of the nineteenth century.

“He was a man through whose soul the great breath of brotherly love and devotion moved, and, therefore, his example will never be forgotten.”

The Baden Press of Carlsruhe

“The Salvation Army is to-day the mightiest free Organisation of Social help in the world, and the man who made it was once a street missionary, despised, and without influence, whom part of the despairing mass of the East of London threw stones at, whilst another part, with alcohol-fevered eyes, hung on his lips.  ’If ye have faith like a grain of mustard seed!’”

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