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Cromwell’s Estates (No. 18. p. 277., and No. 21. p. 339.).—­I am much obliged to “SELEUCUS” for his answer to this inquiry, as far as regards the seignory of Gower.  It also throws a strong light on the remaining names; by the aid of which, looking in Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire, I have identified Margore with the parish of Magor (St. Mary’s), hundred of Caldecott, co.  Monmouth:  and guess, that for Chepstall we must read Chepstow, which is in the same hundred, and the population of which we know was stout in the royal cause, as tenants of the Marquis of Worcester would be.

Then I guess Woolaston may be Woolston (hundred of Dewhurst), co.  Gloucester; and Chaulton, one of the Charltons in the same county, perhaps Charlton Kings, near Cheltenham; where again we read, that many of the residents were slain in the civil war, fighting on the king’s side.

This leaves only Sydenham without something like a probable conjecture, at least:  unless here, too, we may guess it was miswritten for Siddington, near Cirencester.  The names, it is to be observed, are only recorded by Noble; whose inaccuracy as a transcriber has been shown abundantly by Carlyle.  The record to which he refers as extant in the House of Commons papers, is not to be found, I am told.

Now, if it could be ascertained, either that the name in question had been Cromwell’s, or even that they were a part of the Worcester estates, before the civil war, we should have the whole list cleared,—­thanks to the aid so effectually given by “SELEUCUS’S” apposite explanations of one of its items.

Will your correspondents complete the illustrations thus well begun?


Belgravia, March 26.

* * * * *


Franz von Sickingen.—­Your correspondent “S.W.S.” (No. 21. p. 336.) speaks of his having had some difficulty in finding a portrait of Franz Von Sickingen; it may not therefore, by uninteresting to him to know (if not already aware of it) that upon the north side of the nave of the cathedral of Treves, is a monument of Richard Von Greifenklan, who defended Treves against the said Franz; and upon the entablature are portraits of the said archbishop on the one side, and his enemy Franz on the other.  Why placed there it is difficult to conceive, unless to show that death had made the prelate and the robber equals.


* * * * *



  The sacred writers to express the whole,
  Name but a part, and call the man a soul
  We frame our speech upon a different plan,
  And say “some_body_,” when we mean a man. 
  No_body_ heeds what every_body_ says,
  And yet how sad the secret it betrays!

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