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“Alcohol?  I don’t know.  Why?”

“I want some.”  Perry started to scramble out of the tender.  “I got poisoned.”

“Snake?” asked Cas hopefully and eagerly.


“Oh!” The other’s voice held keen disappointment.  “Well, what do you want alcohol for?”

“It’s good for it,” explained Perry, reaching the cockpit.  “See if you’ve got any, will you, Cas?”

“Y-yes but, honestly, Perry, I wouldn’t try it if I were you.”

“Why not!”

“Why—­why, if you go and drink a lot of alcohol—­Besides, I’m all alone here, and if you got—­got troublesome—­”

“Drink it, you silly goat!  Who’s going to drink it?  I’m going to rub it on the places!”

“Oh, I see!  That’s different.  I’ll have a look, Perry.”  Cas was visibly relieved as he scrambled down to the cabin.  Perry dropped into the dingey again and set the milk-can upright, and then, after another minute, Cas returned empty-handed.  “I’m sorry,” he said, “but we haven’t a bit.  Would peroxide do?”

“I don’t know,” answered Perry doubtfully.  “Maybe.  Hand it here and I’ll give it a chance.  Say,” he continued as he laved his wrists, “did your crowd leave this boat on the beach?”

“I suppose so.  That’s where you found it, wasn’t it!  You’d better hustle back with it, too, for they said they’d be back about eleven.  They went to Vineyard Haven.”

“It’s all well enough to say hustle back with it,” replied Perry morosely, “but where’s your pesky beach?”

“Why, over there,” said Cas, pointing.  “The way you came.”

“I came forty-eleven different directions,” answered Perry.  “All right, though.  I’ll try it.  But I’m likely to be paddling around all day and night.  Got anything to eat on board?” Cas found some cookies and these, with a glass of water, raised Perry’s spirits.  “Farewell,” he said feelingly, as he shoved off again.  “I die for my country.”

“Did you fellows have any trouble finding this place yesterday?” asked Cas as the departing guest dropped the oars in the locks.

“Trouble?” Perry looked blank.  “What sort of trouble?”

“Why, the fog, you know.  We had an awful time finding the harbour.”

“Oh, that!” Perry shrugged.  “Why, we went straight for the jetty and didn’t have any trouble at all finding it.  But then we’ve got a navigator on our boat.  So long!”

Perry discovered that rowing was raising a blister on each palm and that his arms were getting decidedly tired.  The trouble with a dingey, he decided, was that while it might do excellently as a bathtub, it was certainly never meant for rowing.  The oars were so short that the best strokes he was capable of sent the boat ahead scarcely more than three or four feet, and, being almost as broad as it was long, the tender constantly showed a tendency to go any way but straight ahead.  While he had been aboard the Follow Me the fog had again taken on its

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