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As a result of the delay, it was almost six when they reached Shelter Island and steered the cruiser to an anchorage.  They had supper ashore at seven, having dressed themselves in shore-going attire, but it was noticeable that it was the Follow Me’s company who made the most of the meal.  Neil met up with an acquaintance on the hotel porch after supper—­they chose to call it supper although it was really a full-course dinner—­and that meeting led to introductions and the boys “did the society act,” to use Perry’s disgusted phrase, for the rest of the evening.  As it was a Saturday night there was a dance going on, and Steve and Joe and Han, of the Adventurer’s crowd, and several of the other boat’s company, took part.  They didn’t get back to the boats until almost midnight, and Perry fell asleep in the dingey, on the second trip, and had to be practically hoisted aboard.  He muttered protestingly until he had been dumped in his berth and then promptly went to sleep as he was.

They spent the next day at Shelter Island, not because anyone considered it wrong to cruise on Sunday, but because Steve and Joe and Han had discovered attractions at the hotel.  Perry demanded that the question of staying be put to a vote and the rest agreed, but the result wasn’t what Perry had hoped for because Neil basely cast his ballot with Steve and Joe and Han.  The four went off soon after breakfast, having spent much time and effort on their various attires, and weren’t seen again until late afternoon.  At least, they weren’t seen again aboard the cruiser until that time, although Perry, Phil and Ossie, following them ashore after dinner, were scandalised to see them strolling around quite brazenly in the company of an equal number of young ladies.

“Girls!” snorted Perry scornfully.  “Why, the big chumps, they look as if they liked it!  Gee, it’s enough to sicken a fellow!”



“We’ve been going two whole days now,” declared Perry, “and we haven’t even glimpsed an adventure.”  It was Tuesday morning and the two cruisers were lying side by side in New Bedford harbour.  A light drizzle was falling and even under the awning of the bridge deck everything was coated with a film of moisture.  The Adventurer and the Follow Me had done just short of a hundred miles yesterday, reaching the present port at nightfall.  They had averaged fifteen miles an hour and neither engine had missed an explosion all day long.  Joe had been rather stuck-up over the way his engine had performed and had been inclined to take a good share of the credit to himself.  Perry, however, had declared that the only reason the thing had run was because Joe had left it alone.

“It’s lucky for us you’re afraid to touch it,” said Perry.  “If you weren’t we’d have been wallowing around somewhere between here and Africa two days ago!”

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