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Rota, one of the Valkyrier.  See Valkyrier.

Skioldung.  Skiold, son of Odin, was the founder of the Danish monarchy.  His descendants were called after him Skioldungs, or, contractedly, Skiolds.

Skulda (in the Edda, Skuld), the youngest Nornie.  See NORNIES.

Surtur (the Black), the ruler of the glowing or burning world, at whose extremest end was his seat or dwelling.  See above:  Nastroud.  At the fated time he was with his army to overcome and slaughter Odin and all the gods, and thereupon set fire to the whole world.

Thor, was the god of thunder and strength:  with his hammer he slew Yults, Trolds, and other foes of Odin and the gods.

Tyr, one of the bravest and wisest gods, so that it was customary to say proverbially, “As bold as Tyr,” “Wise as Tyr.”

VALFATHER, the father of the slain or fallen in battle:  one of Odin’s surnames.

Valhall, (the Hall of the Slain), the place where all warriors who had fallen by the enemy were so nobly entertained by Odin.  It is commonly called Valhalla; but Valhall is the right, and Valhalla only the Latinized name in Resenius’ edition of the Edda.

Valkyrier, were virgins, or war-maids, who waited upon the heroes in Valhall.  Three of them, amongst whom was Rota, were commonly dispatched to the field of battle by Odin, in order to choose them who were to be slain, which employment the name Valkyrier denotes.  These three have obtained a place in this tragedy, and Rota is made the principal of them.

Udgaard (Udgard), Loke’s dwelling outside of heaven.  His usual name in the Edda is Udgarda Loke, Loke of Udgard; and thus Saxo in the Life of Gorm the first calls him Ugartilocum.

Ymer, the first giant, Yutt, or Jotun, who lived before the heaven and the earth existed, and who was killed with all his offspring by Odin and his brothers.  Only one of this giant race, by name Borgeline, escaped, together with his wife, and became the stem-father of the subsequent Jotuns.


{1} Wadmal, a coarse woollen stuff, much worn by Norwegian peasants.

{2} Skiers are wooden pattens to run upon over the frozen snow

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