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Printed from large, clear type on a superior quality of paper, embellished with original illustrations by eminent artists, and bound in a superior quality of binders’ cloth, ornamented with illustrated covers, stamped in colors from unique and appropriate dies, each book wrapped in a glazed paper wrapper printed in colors.


By G. HARVEY RALPHSON, of the Black Bear Patrol

1.—­Boy Scouts in Mexico; or, On Guard With Uncle Sam.
2.—­Boy Scouts in the Canal Zone; or, The Plot Against Uncle Sam.
3.—­Boy Scouts in the Philippines; or, The Key to the Treaty Box.
4.—­Boy Scouts in the Northwest; or, Fighting Forest Fires.
5.—­Boy Scouts in a Motor Boat; or, Adventures on the Columbia
6.—­Boy Scouts in an Airship; or, The Warning from the Sky.
7.—­Boy Scouts in a Submarine; or, Searching an Ocean Floor.
8.—­Boy Scouts on Motorcycles; or, With the Flying Squadron.
9.—­Boy Scouts Beyond the Arctic Circle; or, The Lost Expedition.
10.—­Boy Scout Camera Club; or, The Confessions of a Photograph.
11.—­Boy Scout Electricians; or, The Hidden Dynamo.
12.—­Boy Scouts in California; or, The Flag on the Cliff.
13.—­Boy Scouts on Hudson Bay; or, The Disappearing Fleet.
14.—­Boy Scouts in Death Valley; or, The City in the Sky.
15.—­Boy Scouts on the Open Plains; or, The Round-up not Ordered.
16.—­Boy Scouts in Southern Waters; or, the Spanish Treasure Chest
17.—­Boy Scouts in Belgium; or, Under Fire in Flanders
18.—­Boy Scouts in the North Sea; or, the Mystery of U-13
19.—­Boy Scouts under the Kaiser; or, the Uhlans in Peril
20.—­Boy Scouts with the Cossacks; or, Poland Recaptured


By Andrew Carey Lincoln

I.—­Motorcycle Chums in the Land of the Sky; or, Thrilling Adventures
on the Carolina Border.
2.—­Motorcycle Chums in New England; or, The Mount Holyoke
3.—­Motorcycle Chums on the Sante Fe Trail; or, The Key to the
Treaty Box.
4.—­Motorcycle Chums in Yellowstone Park; or, Lending a Helping
5.—­Motorcycle Chums in the Adirondacks; or, The Search for the
Lost Pacemaker.
6.—­Motorcycle Chums Storm Bound; or, The Strange Adventures
of a Road Chase.

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