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SANTA BARBARA.  From Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, Southern Pacific Railway, fare $3.15; special round trip, Saturday to Monday, $3.50.  From San Francisco to Santa Barbara, 370 miles, Southern Pacific Railway, fare $13.40 and $11.65.  Street car passes the Mission.

SANTA INES.  This is not on the line of any railway.  It can be reached from Santa Barbara, 25 miles, by carriage, or from Los Olivos, four miles, by stage.  Los Olivos is on the line of the Pacific Coast Railway.  To reach it take Southern Pacific Railway to San Luis Obispo, change cars.  It is then 66 miles to Los Olivos, fare $3.00.  The better way is to go by Southern Pacific to Lompoc, take carriage and visit the site of Old La Purisima, then Purisima, then drive to Santa Ines and return.  With a good team this can be done in a day.  Distance 25 miles.

LA PURISIMA CONCEPCION.  Go to Lompoc on the coast line of the Southern Pacific either from Los Angeles (181 miles, $5.60) or San Francisco (294 miles, $9.35).  Carriage from livery to the ruins of Old Purisima, thence to the later one, five miles.

SAN LUIS OBISPO.  Southern Pacific Railway from either Los Angeles (222 miles, $6.70) or San Francisco (253 miles, $7.30), or steamship to Port Hartford and the Pacific Coast Railway, 211 miles, $6.50.  The Mission is in the town.

SAN MIGUEL.  The Mission is but a few rods from the Southern Pacific Station, reached either from Los Angeles (273 miles, $8.05) or San Francisco (208 miles, $5.95).  By far the better way, however, is to go to Paso Robles, where one can bathe in the Hot Springs so noted even in Indian days, while enjoying the hospitalities of one of the best hotels on the Pacific Coast.  Carriages may be secured from one of the livery stables.  From here visit Santa Isabel Ranch and Hot Springs (which used to belong to San Miguel), then drive 16 miles to San Miguel.  On account of the completeness of its interior decorations, this is, in many respects, especially to the student, the most interesting Mission of the whole chain.



[Illustration:  RESIDENCE IN LOS ANGELES, CALIF.  Showing influence of Mission style of architecture.]

SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA.  It is a twenty-mile stage ride from King’s City, on the line of the Southern Pacific (216 miles from Los Angeles, $9.35) to Jolon (fare $2.00), the quaintest little village now remaining in California, which is practically the gateway to Mission San Antonio de Padua.  At Jolon one secures a team, and, after a six-mile drive through a beautiful park, dotted on every hand with majestic live-oaks,—­ancient monarchs that have accumulated moss and majesty with their years,—­the ruins of the old Mission come into view.  From San Francisco to King’s City is 164 miles, fare $4.65.

LA SOLEDAD.  The Mission is four miles from the town of Soledad on the Southern Pacific Railway.  From Los Angeles, 337 miles, fare $9.95.  From San Francisco, 144 miles, fare $4.00.  Livery from Soledad to the Mission.

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