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“I will play you a tune, and then you must play for me.”

“But my flute is at home, sir.”

“O well, you can use mine.  It is a good one.”

The old man played a tune for the boys, and then gave the flute to Frank to play.

Frank played a tune, and did it very well.

“How well you play!” said the old man.

“You are very kind to say that, but I wish I could play as well as you do,” said Frank.

“O you will soon do that.  All you will have to do is to try.”


[Script:  s[=e][e\] [=u][s=][e\]d t[=u]n[e\] fl[=u]t[e\] pl[=e][a\]s[e\] pl[=a][y\][e\]d ]


  Be the matter what it may,
    Always speak the truth. 
  If at work, or if at play,
    Always speak the truth.

* * * * *

  Do your best, your very best,
    And do it every day. 
  Little boys and little girls,
    That is the wisest way.

* * * * *

  Little children, love each other,
    Never give another pain,
  If your brother speak in anger,
    Answer not in wrath again.

* * * * *

  Early to bed and early to rise,
  Make men healthy, wealthy, and wise.

[Footnote A:  It is intended that these selections shall be memorized by pupils, but as they do not form any part of the reading lessons, the words not heretofore used are not regarded as “new words.”]

  Suppose your task, my little man,
    Is very hard to get? 
  Will it make it any easier
    For you to sit and fret?

  Then wouldn’t it he wiser
    Than waiting like a dunce,
  To go to work in earnest,
    And learn the thing at once?

* * * * *

  Speak the truth, and speak it ever,
    Cost it what it will;
  He who hides the wrong he did,
    Does the wrong thing still.

* * * * *

  To do to others as I would
    That they should do to me,
  Will make me honest, kind, and good,
    As children ought to be.

* * * * *

  When mother says, “Do this,” or “that,”
    Don’t say, “What for?” and “Why?”
  But let her hear your gentle voice
    Say, “Mother dear, I’ll try.”



[=a] as in l[=a]ke   | [=e] as in b[=e]     | [)o]  as in b[)o]x
[)a] "  "  [)a]t     | [)e] "  "  l[)e]t    | [=u]  "  "  [=u][s±]e
[:a] "  "  f[:a]r    | [e] "  "  h[e]r    | [)u]  "  "  [)u]p
[a:] "  "  [a:]ll    | [=i] "  "  [=i][c5]e | [^u]  "  "  f[^u]r
[^a] "  "  [-c][^a]re| [)i] "  "  [)i]n     | [=oo] "  "  t[=oo]
[.a] "  "  [.a]sk    | [=o] "  "  s[=o]     | [)oo] "  "  l[)oo]k


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