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On the way home, Rover saw a rabbit, and away he went after it, as fast as he could go.

Ann and Frank ran too, but could not keep up with Rover and the rabbit.

When they got home, Rover was there, and Frank said—­

“Where is the rabbit, Rover?”

Rover gave Frank a funny look and went away.

“O I know!” said Frank, “the rabbit ran so fast you could not catch it.”


[Script:  d[=a][y\] l[=a]k[e\] h[=o]m[e\] st[)i][c\]k [k\]n[=o][w\] k[=e][e\]p]




s[=e][a\] [=e][a\]’[=g]l[e\] b[=e][a\]k b[=e][a\]ch l[:a]r[.g][e\] w[o.][u\][l\]d w[a:]nt l[:a]r’[.g][e]r


[=e] m[=e] w[=e] b[=e] h[=e] sh[=e] [=e][a\]t b[=e][a\]t m[=e][a\]t s[=e][e\] s[=e][e\]k s[=e][e\]m

Look, sister!  See that eagle!

Yes, Frank, I see two eagles.  What large wings they have!

Yes, they fly over the beach to find fish.

Do they eat fish, Frank?

Yes, they are very fond of fish.  The eagle is a large and strong bird. 
Mamma’ saw one take up a rabbit and fly off with it.

I wish we could catch one, Frank.  How funny it would look in a cage!

Yes, sister, but you would have to get a much larger cage than the one your redbirds have.

O I am afraid it would hurt me.  If it got out of the cage, it would fly away with me.

No, it could not do that, but it could hurt you with its strong beak.

What is its beak, Frank?

The beak is its mouth.  All birds have a beak, but not many have one so strong as that of the eagle.


[Script:  [=e][a\]t [y\][o\][=u] wo[u\][l\]d t[w\][o:] t[=a]k[e\] [=e][a\][=g]l[e\] ]



[=i][c5][e\] k[=i]nd t[=i]r[e\]d dr[=i]v[e\] f[:a]r f[=i]r[e\] sk[=a]t[e\] m[=i]l[e\][s±] s[)e]v’[e\]n



[=i] [=i][c5][e\] n[=i][c5][e\] f[=i]nd k[=i]nd r[=i]d[e\] s[=i]d[e\]

You are very kind, Mary, to have a nice fire for me.  I am cold after my long drive.

Yes, Fred, you look cold and tired, but you will soon get warm by this fire.  How far did you drive?

Seven miles, and the snow and ice made it a cold ride.

Can we skate on the lake now, Fred?

Yes, the ice is strong.  We can have a good skate.  Do you want to go and try it?

O yes, Fred!  I like to skate.  Will you go with me?

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