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When Rover saw the fox start, he ran after him.  O how they did go!  They ran and ran, up hill, and down hill, but the fox ran faster than Rover, and got away.

How did you get him back?

O when Rover went away, he soon came back to me.  I do not let dogs run after him now.


[Script:  m[=e][a\]t sm[a:]l[l\] wh[=i]t[e\] br[)e][a\]d hid[e\] j[)o]ll[)y] ]



J[=a]n[e\] [-c][)u]p j[)u]mp r[=o]p[e\] t[=a]’bl[e\] m[)i]lk m[)u]ch l[)u]nch ch[^a][i\]r b[)u]t’t[e]r



[)u] [)u]t [)u]p b[)u]t [-c][)u]p [-c][)u]t p[)u]p sh[)u]t [=g][)u]n t[)u]b f[)u]n r[)u]b

O Jane!  I am glad you have your doll with you.  How pretty it is!

Yes, Mary, I think it is a pretty doll.  I like it very much.  You are just in time for lunch.  We will have it here on my little table.

O that will be jolly fun, Mary!  I will set the table, and put on your little dishes.

Yes, Jane, you set the table, and I will run and ask mamma’ for some bread and butter and cold meat.

Get a cup of milk, too, Mary.

Yes, here they are—­bread, butter, cold meat, and a cup of nice milk.

Well, here is a chair for you, one for me, and one for my doll.

What shall we do after lunch?

We will jump rope, Mary.  I have a nice new rope.

O so have I!  Mamma’ just gave me one.

But, Mary, we must not jump rope too much.  It is not good for us.

Well, we will jump but a little while, and then I must go home.


[Script:  n[=i][c5]e d[)o]l[l\] n[=e][a\]r r[=o]p[e\] ch[^a][i\]r th[^e]r[e\] ]



d[=a][y\] l[=a]k[e\] st[=a][y\] h[=o]m[e\] w[=a][y\] l[=a]t[e\] sw[)i]m spl[)a]sh mouth r[)a]b’b[)i]t


[=a] d[=a][y\] s[=a][y\] m[=a][y\] h[=a][y\] t[=a]k[e\] m[=a]k[e\] m[=a]k[e\]s t[=a]m[e\] [-c][=a]m[e\]

One day Ann and Frank went to the lake with Rover.

Rover can swim well, so Frank made him go into the water after a stick.

“Jump, Rover!  Jump in and get the stick,” said Frank; and into the water he went with a big splash.


Pretty soon he came out with the stick in his mouth.

He did not like the fun so well as Frank, for the water was a little cold.

They had a fine time for a while with Rover, and then set out for home, as it was late in the day, and they could not stay long.

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