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O no! it is too cold.  Let us go in and get warm.

Well, we will start now.  Come in and see my little puppies.  Here they are, and here is Fido too.  Do you think they are pretty?

Yes, I do.  See them play with each other.  They seem to be full of fun. 
Is this your kite, Roy?

Yes, I have two kites.  See what a strong string this one has.

Do you like to fly kites?

Yes, and pretty soon I will try my new one.  It will fly very high.



fl[=y] tr[=y] s[=a][y\] r[)e]d [a:]l[l\] h[)i]m d[.o][e\][s±] (d[)u]z) n[=o][s±][e\] m[=a]k[e\] h[)e]ld [-c][=o]ld [e\][=y][e\][s±] ([=i]z) h[=i][g\][h\] (h[=i]) k[=i]t[e\] f[u.]l[l\] [=e][a\]ch f[=e][a\]r tr[)a][c\]k s[=i]d[e\] J[)i]l[l\] J[)a][c\]k st[=e][e\]r f[a:]l[l\] [-c]l[=e][a\]r F[=i]’d[=o] w[a:]rm p[)u]p’p[)i][e\][s±] fr[=o]z[e\] str[)i]ng k[=i]t[e\]s st[:a]rt str[)o]ng s[=e][e\]m [.o][t-h]’[e]r ([)u][t-h]’[e]r) th[)i]nk h[u.]r r[:a][h\]’


[Script:  I have two kites.  One will fly very high.  Will you fly your kite with me?  O, yes, let us go.]



seek then stand said shut shall hid while who


Come, boys, what shall we do?  Let us play hide and seek.

O yes! that will be fun for all of us.  Who will shut his eyes?  Ned, will you?

Yes, I will shut my eyes while you all go and hide.

Well, Ned, you stand by that tree.

Then Ned shut his eyes and the boys ran off to hide.  Pretty soon Ned said, “Boys, are you all hid?  Yes?  Well, here I go.  One, two, three, look out for me.”



Frank Fred must black find barn cap ha spy


The boys are all hid.  Now I must try to find them.  Ha!  I spy you, Fred.
You are in that box.

I spy you, Roy.  You are under the hay.

I can not find Frank.

O there he is!  I spy you, Frank.

Come out of that barn.  I see your black cap.

Fred, you must shut your eyes now, and stand by the tree while we hide.

I will, boys.  You go and hide.



so bath sick please tub wrap shawl sis’ter

Now, Ned, please do not put my kitty into the bath tub.

Yes, sister, I must give her a bath.  Here is the bath tub with some nice warm water.

But, Ned, kitty will get sick if you put her into the water.  She will take cold.


No, I will wrap her well in the big shawl, and then she can not take cold.

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